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Attabouy!! Wear your heart on the sleeve

Hipster, rebel, and nomad bear the coolest quotient today. It’s not about fitting according to the world’s definition and blindly follow the crowd but it’s all about being yourself. Attabouy is the latest online shopping for men but with a difference. The brain child of Mumbai based, Pradnesh and wife Neha Warke, gives a new twist to tees with one-liners on the market which is usually flooded with countless fashion statement.

Pradnesh and Neha


Pradnesh is a law graduate and holds an LLM in business law with 7 to 8 years of legal practise in corporate law while Neha has an MBA Diploma in Human Resources from Symbiosis with 10 years of working in the corporate sector as Human Resources.

The more, the merrier. It’s not about choices on what’s cool but wearing your heart on the sleeve. Today’s generation is on your face and it’s not up for society to dictate terms on what they should or shouldn’t do. We have Lady Gaga funky hair style or music and in India, actors like Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi slamming critics who laughed on their weight. Actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan commanded success in being themselves rather than following the chocolate boy image. Remember the tall, lanky man in the 70s who went on to become the biggest star of all!! Hum Jahan Khade Hai Line Wohi Se Shuru Hota Hai. Amitabh Bachchan, right! And, he was just an average and unknown guy who dared to stand tall among the crowd.

Image 9The online portal for clothing, Attabouy is derived from Attaboy, according to its makers and prides itself for the Don’t Care attitude. Many youngsters pride themselves and use this expression with confidence, “I don’t give a fuck.” If you are one of them, Attabouy is your destination in being yourself. Wear yourself in the super awesome tees. Don’t follow the crowd blindly, be a rebel and in your face that carves your own niche.

Pradnesh explains the concept of attabouy developed along with wife, Neha. “I always wanted to get into my own business and was very keen to have some products than services. I enjoy playing music and am into sports while at the same time, I wanted to pour my creative self into the business,” he says.

He doesn’t bat an eyelid when he honestly puts, “T-Shirts is like my canvas for all the cool things that I want to put out for the Indian youth. There are many clothing lines on the market, only stating movies, sitcoms, slangs on t-shirts but are pretty much the same. They lack direction and doesn’t inspire or create an aspiration for the youth to be different, raise their opinions or lead from the front and not to follow herd mentality.”

Image 4


Image 7

Attabouy proves the point made by Pradnesh with the one-liners and designs. Like the fresh Kingfisher beer, it’s a clothing line for everyone and not only geeks who follow cartoons and sitcoms, says Pradnesh. He spells it out, “Our designs on tees are inspired by music, astrology, humour and one-liners. We have polo tees for the new generation which they can wear to office and attend informal meetings.” Atta Bouy is in the process adding more products such as boxers, vests, bandanas and caps.

Attabouy was established in 2014 where their uniquely cool stuffs can be shopped on, Snap Deal, Flipkart, Fashionara. You will soon find Attabuoy spreading its wings on Royzeez and Jabong. And, if you are worried about secure payment, this online clothing line makes it easy for you through facility such as CitrusPay Payment Gateway, a trusted and highly secured payment on its website coupled with cash on delivery to various parts of India.

Image 1
All images copyrighted @Pradnesh Warke/Attabuoy

The tees echo the ‘rebellious streak’ of youngsters, someone with an opinion and who doesn’t flinch in being free souls, spirited and winners in their own way. Pradnesh says, “We want oneness and leadership quality to be honed and this clothing line is for people who lead from the front. The rebellious streak is mirrored through one-liners…Have a Problem, F@#K @FF, Tereko Pata hai Main Kaun Hoon, Shock Me Say Something Intelligent.”  He adds that the online shop offers bold stripes polo t-shirts with neon color series stripes as well. The more, the merrier, like they say.

It’s the jargon of the youth. If you are a proud Mumbaikar loving the lingo of the city like I do, you know where to shop. Showcase your Indian-ness, be a proud Global desi and citizen of the world. Just hop on atta bouy and select your favorite tees which will adorn your wardrobe collection at affordable range. It’s for the youth and everyone who can act pricey for who they are and yet your pocket will bear no hole.

Pradnesh has been a good friend of mine and we stayed at the International Students Hostel (ISH) at Churchgate, minutes walk from Marine Drive where his Dad served as the warden. I can vouch for the fact that he is one of the most honest dudes around and who doesn’t flinch in voicing his opinion. No wonder the philosophy of Atta Bouy is all bout’ being yourself.

Check their Facebook page for more-contest, discount, freebies and more.

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