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Book Review: Lei is a treasure chest of poems

Lei-A Wreath for your Soul

by Somali K Chakrabarti

Rating: Four Stars

Drawing from the Haiwaiian language, Lei is a garland of poems penned by Somali K Chakrabarti that touches the soul. The small book of poem, Lei-A Wreath for your Soul-is a commendable effort where the author expressed about hope, greed and rising against odd in the book divided into four parts, Nature, Life, Illusion and Inspiration. It’s a treasure chest of poems.

Somali draws a strong analogy that articulates her thoughts in poems that will not only struck a chord in your heart but will deeply touch your senses.  It’s a must read where the author has explained in a simple manner on the battle fought by humans. The icing on the cake is the pictures in the book that is in sync with the powerful words weaved. It’s about the self belief when we are on slippery road or compass about someone’s personal outlook to life.

The poems are inspired by the Japanese Tanka and Haiku. It’s a must have and the book penned by Somali will accompany you in the train or bus journey. It’s refreshing and rejuvenates you after a hard day. Lei-A Wreath for your soul-is a must read and infuses positive energy. I’d call it the light of the warrior to rejuvenate the soul. Aesthetic, powerful and refreshing.

On a slippery note,

Defying pull, tug on hope,

Stands the Balancing Rock!

Somali K Chakrabarti

You can connect with the author on Twitter and her blog. Click to buy on Amazon.



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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Lei is a treasure chest of poems

  1. Thanks you Vishal. for the kind review. Really happy to know that you liked the book.
    Just to add a note, an advantage of having the kindle ebook is that any future updates to the books are made available to all readers, including those who have previously purchased the book. Making use of this feature, I will add more poems to the book, which will be available to all readers via auto updates.

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