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Happy Diwali, Kuch Meetha ho jaye!!

It’s Happy wala Diwali. Sending love, happiness and light to your loved ones, shedding darkness. Diwali has always been very special to me and see it less for its religiosity but endearing aspect. Love wearing new clothes, lightning colorful diyas and sending love to everyone. I believe Diwali is an opportunity for all of us to introspect a bit, make a small effort to spread kindness, unity, be a bit more tolerant where there is no place for human prejudice, gender bias and racism. Let’s be equal and lovable human beings, bringing love and changing the lives of less fortunate. Treat women with respect and as your equal. It’s the small things that make Diwali more endearing and filled with happiness.

Lighting small, miniature and beautiful diyas;

Spreading light in lives and

wearing brand new traditional clothes.

Endearing and filled will love.

Stroke someone’s heart with soft touches and sparkle lives.

 Celebrate festival of light in diversity and tolerance,

make no place for prejudice and racial, caste or gender divide.

Bringing hearts together to symbolize celebration in unity.

I miss my Diwali celebration in India, shopping for Kurtas Pyjamas on the market, haggling with traders and shopping like crazy battling the crowd. Street children dancing on the streets and everyone decked in traditional and colorful attire. Traffic remain standstill but we know it’s special, seeing happy faces with which we bond through happy faces and eyes. A day we all long for to indulge in mithai, trying different ones for we know that being health freak can be forgotten for a day. It’s Diwali. Khao, Peeo aur Kuch Meetha ho jaye.

Playing cards cum truth and dare with friends in the evening after a sumptuous meal reminds me of the fond memories in Pune and Mumbai. We would all deck up in shining Kurta Pyjamas and Sari to visit Adi’s parents, indulging in sweet and savories while aunty would make the best coffee in town. Except, Adi would stay in jeans and shirt. The day was spent buying mithais at the sweet shop, selecting the various delicacies and of course, gorging as if it’s the last day on earth.

How priceless our memories were during college days! I remember visiting my personal doctor in Pune, Dr Alka Bapat, who made me bow to the God and feeding me with lotsa sweet. It’s one festival that I love not for the fun part-mithai, decking up and strengthening the bond of friendship and love. Wandering on the street at night is like cherry on cake with huge crowd swarming like a jamboree and shopping till late. It’s a happy day. Of course, the colorful Rangoli.

Over the years, Diwali has changed with people getting more materialistic that takes away its old world charm but it’s still endearing with its colorful theme, popping mouth watering gulab jamun, whatsapp messages to friends. One memory that I shall never forget when Kok sent the personally made card by this advertising agency, years back.

Things I’d love to do on Diwali someday:

-Hosting a Diwali party with dance competition, playing the best music

-Distributing sweets, books, food and clothes to under privileged children.

-Make a short film on the day.

-Be back in India and visit those awesome and old Mithai shop, unique markets in Delhi, Mumbai and the North.

-Buy the handcraft paper lanterns and it’s any day better than crackers that I hate like anything.

-Indulge in Teen Patti with friends till the wee hours of the day.

Make your Diwali memorable, whether it’s full of extravaganza or keep it simple but do it your way. I’ve been stealing mithai since a while at home and fold the paper, turn into dabba to put mithai. Love buying those small boxes and of course, the earthen lamps. It’s fun.

Happy wala Diwali bole toh ek dum jhakas. Munch my favorites mouth watering Gulab Jamun, Kaju and ladoos. Have fun, peeps and make a difference to the world. How I miss India!!! Hope to be back very soon.





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22 thoughts on “Happy Diwali, Kuch Meetha ho jaye!!

  1. Oh, where are you Vishal? What a lovely post – was inhaling every word- so miss that celebration too- be the light in someones life… You caught the essence of it so beautifully! Happy Diwali to you and your family. All the best, always

  2. Happy happy Diwali Vishal.. 🙂 It was nice reading your Diwali memories. It is during these festivals and special occasions that we miss being at our home in India so much, agree? As, you said, make your Diwali memorable, wherever we are. 😀 We have a small gathering in our community in the evening.. 🙂 Looking forward for that..

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