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Book Review: 60 Writing Prompts and Plots is a must guide

Book Review: 60 Writing Prompts and Plots

by Febbon

Rating: Four stars


Writing can be a risque business and blocks get to the best of us. Author Febbon, who goes by the name of Ganga Bhairani, offers us some super interesting plots with twists and turns how to turn an idea around in churning compelling narrative. A short but priceless book on how to get the next best idea which goes a great way to help new age authors.

It’s a small guide where the prompts that she offers is exciting, coupled with sub-ideas on how one can develop the plot in various ways covering thrillers, love, supernatural, erotica and crime genre. The best thing about the book is that she covers several grounds on how one single idea can give different courses to your stories. It help authors suffering from blocks and shows that one just need to open the mind to expanding horizons to get the stories kicked up. Easy to read, ’60 Writing Prompts and Plots’ offers development of the story line through several story lines and cues to create spell binding and heart pounding action. It’s an enriching manual that would make your book not only a reality but also a fast paced and edgy affair.

Writing a book can be a simple idea and you just have to stretch your imagination for there are numerous possibilities to sustain your plot by adding masala, mystery and visualize the whole thing. The author helps you in building the narrative by offering several tips on how to write your book and create engrossing climax. A tale of being spoiled for choices. That’s the power of story writing and Febbon offers several such story prompts and guidelines to build you narrative, making a compelling read.

The book accompanies you in the journey of penning a book on how you can pep up and twist your story, injecting suspense and life to the characters. It can be an author, a journalist or criminal. She provides a cue how to make your characters believable with nuances where you can present the noir aspect of things laden with mystery.

Few prompt ideas:

You can get a sneak of Febbon ideas with such a plot, “You win a dinner date with your favorite celebrity..she tells you a secret about herself. Next day, she is found dead in her apartment mysteriously.” Or, your Facebook status gets automatically updated which seems like a prediction of the day. What you want to make of the story is entirely your take. Hope, I am not revealing too much.

Concluding Remarks:

Febbon’s 60 Writing Prompts and Plots is a must have material if you are serious to get into writing and be a published author. It’s a bible for writing novels and short stories. You must carefully preserve it and read it every single day for it will accompany you in your successful journey. We all suffer from writers’ block and go blank, sitting in front of the computer. 60 Writing Prompts and Plots will rescue for the lull and help beat the frustration. A must buy.

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The author has bagged two award winning short films as a writer and director. She has also published books such as ‘Just you, me and a secret’ and ‘A minute to death.’ She blogs at

You can contact the author at



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