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Puppy love

Hey folks!!!!

The clock of life revolves at break necking speed. How I wish there was more than 24 hours a day! Lots of catching up on blog, stories to read and write but with 6 days a week work schedule, I am running behind. Being an impatient bugger. I am going with the flow and learning to prioritize things. Sometimes back, I posted on my Facebook and those on my timeline will remember, how a friend’s husband whom I met in a cafe and actually we met for the first time, did a gesture of kindness that touched the soul. You can read the guest post on  here. Another guest post you can read about finding love in a big city on Sneha blog.

Life can be confusing at a time where our priority is assessed, should we work for money vs passion or alter our perspective trading a little bit of happiness and weighing the balance to compromise on our passion to make the moolah. Let’s keep that for another day. Life can be a bit of magic, sometimes, with language of the heart reaching out to bundle of joy and feeling of love touching the soul. It was Thursday night when it was raining cat and dog, Something happened that made me feel sad. Heard the yelp of dogs from afar and I couldn’t make out from where it was coming from. I opened the window and lit a cigarette. I could make out that it was dogs crying in despair and shivering in the cold.

Just imagine if we humans are left on our own, sleeping out in the open and shivering due to the cold weather and rain. My heart tanked thinking about the poor souls, being left on their own and it was like saying, ‘show us some love and care. We also have a heart capable of loving.’ I made a silent prayer and telling them to come to sleep on the veranda.

My young friends, they just made the day.
My young friends, they just made the day.

What happened on Friday morning when I opened the door to have my coffee outside made me smile. It was a beautiful day to wake up to and witnessing so much of love, in seeing three super cute siblings snuggled together and no power in the world shall separate them in this world to which they opened their eyes. A world of humans where there is hate and jealously but also beauty and happiness where we are grateful to every small bit of happiness. Love can be a powerful emotion. When they saw me, they trotted on their tiny feet and happy that they slept on the veranda, together with each other and strengthening the sibling bond.

We are not alone in this world,

affection and love, we give to each other.

Sibling love is powerful and it’s an emotion that makes us grow together.

What a beautiful sight, witnessing love in abundance. I feel that it’s a blessing and luck that my young friends will bring to my life. I smiled throughout the day and it kept me going thinking about my young friends, eyeing me. When I left for work, they peeped at me as if saying, dude have a great day at work. We will go today but we will remember you.

How I miss them! When I came back, Mom told that a neighbor recognized to whom they belong and the owner came to pick the kids. Super cute and little munchkins, they are just adorable and hope that I meet them again. Do visit buddies for I saw love and togetherness in you. How I wish we humans would learn from you peeps, how to stay together and providing warmth and comfort to each other in times of distress. Grateful to meet you and you showed how to value what we have, innocent folks! Hugs.

With love




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14 thoughts on “Puppy love

  1. Such a cute bunch. I am glad they decided to shelter from the rain where they were welcome. I am happy to know they have a home! Thank you for sharing about them 🙂

    1. Thanks Shail. I remember feeling sad for them and just imagine in the morning where they snuggled together. It made me smile during the day. I m also glad that the owner came to take them. My lovely friends. They are just adorable:)

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