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Book Review: Ganga Bharani delivers a punch in this heart pounding thriller

Book Review:

Just You, Me and a secret

Publisher: Tales4publications

Author: Ganga Bharani

Genre: Suspense romance thriller

Rating: Four stars



When Ganga Bharani shared her book, ‘Just You, Me and a secret’ for free on Amazon, I didn’t imagine that it will blow my mind and hooked to the web of entangled suspense spurned by the author. A thriller worth its salt, the book has all the making of a potboiler that keeps you engaged, engrossed to the plot as the sub narrative told in flashback moments makes it a heart pounding affair.

The author uses a simply and relatable language to describe the turmoil in the mind and confusion that Meera faces on the one claiming to be her fiancee. Throughout the narrative, one lives in the world of Meera, drawing empathy for her, the love of her life till a point reached where one is visibly shaken. Who is the real Meera? Does her past belongs to her? The answer lies in Just You, Me and a Secret, concocted by Ganga in a powerful manner. The author changes the way in which we look at thriller. Yes! She has a surprise for you, intelligently revisiting the successful Hindi movies of 70s and 80s in a refreshing manner.


Just You, Me And A Secret is a story of an amnesiac, Meera, who battles between her past and present.
Meera Prabhu wakes up after a terrible accident with absolutely no memory of herself. She sees a stranger in the mirror and seems to be living with another stranger, Ashruth. Ashruth, a doctor by profession and a clown by appearance, claims that he is her fiancé. They were engaged to be married and would have been married already if not for the accident. He keeps on emphasizing on how much she loved him and yet, he keeps her apart from her family for her ‘mental state’. Armed with what seems to be her personal diary, Meera tries to grasp her identity and her reality.

Credit: Goodreads


A tale about amnesia narrated by Ganga in sketching powerful characters with their own idiosyncrasies and the author doesn’t fall in cliche which often happens with such an interesting  but complex theme to explore. The diary, ‘Clara’ where the character ‘Meera’ pens her past life plays a vibrant part and pivotal character to the plot, that takes us into the world of Meera, Santhosh and the stranger doctor Ashruth. The writing is powerful and captures the reader’s attention from start to finish. The climax is breath taking where things are turned upside down with the villainous streak in one of the character’s comes alive. There is treachery and deceit that comes to the fore when one thinks that it is leading to a happy ending. The end is powerful and one is speechless at the sudden twist and turn that blows your mind. It almost turns the life of Meera upside down on her real identity and how ultimately, Santhosh as a pivotal character finds love and the friend, he ‘almost’ loss. Simply brilliant.

Ganga has injected light moments in the book with calf love and innocent romance in portraying the rebel streak in Meera in the age of idealism. It’s a book that the young generation will relate to with diary telling a story of one’s life and the drama that follows, in a very unique and original manner. She deftly explores the element of mistrust, “..suddenly the absence of everything irritated me, put me in confusion and suspicion.”

What’s Not!

It’s difficult to find loopholes in this superbly crafted and entertaining book penned by Ganga. At some point, I feel that the match-making by parents appears a bit simplistic in today’s world and the fact that the villain is easily trusted by the parents. But, having said this, the book is gripping and the author deserves a pat for her effort.

Final Words:

Ganga Bharani uses a very simple, direct and effective language in the book that many of us will identify with. The characters such as Meera, Santhosh and Dr Ashruth can be anyone of us. We share the pain and anguish of Meera and we get the feeling that she is someone we know very well and close to us. For her debut, Ganga Bharani is bang on and packs a powerful punch with the narrative in Just You, Me and a Secret. She deserves all the credit for pulling off such an entertaining book that keeps us on our toes. I would say a perfect debut and you cannot afford to stay away from the heart pounding thriller.

You can contact Ganga on Facebook and her blog  Click on following links to buy the book:

Amazon India, Flipkart.



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