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Beauty & Wellness: I-lipo X Cell charters new concept of glam and make up

Former US leadership Guru, Dr Stephen Covey said in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: “The more deeply you understand other people, the more you will appreciate them, the more reverent you will feel about them. To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.” Well, Dr Covey was referring to the fact that most successful businesses are the ones who invest in human relationships.

Shaheen Jaulim of I-Lipo X Cell Mauritius picture courtesy: Backstage at Hennessy.

Having known Shaheen Jaulim Joomaye for a couple of years-the ambassador who brings I-Lipo X Cell to Mauritius, I can vouch for the fact that she eschews this philosophy of Dr Covey in terms of business and life. She has been the first one to bring high end and designer fashion to the tiny island in 2000 before foraying into I-Lipo X Cell, an eight course treatment that involves the reshaping of one’s weight in terms of lowering of fat, cellulite improvement and skin conditioning.

A glitzy and hugely successful event launched last Friday, October 23 at Hennessy Park Hotel to launch the I-Lipo Mauritius in the breezy evening showcasing beauty and wellness make up show, I-lipo laser by Shaheen and offering attractions such as live photo shoot and DJ’s mix session, making it a memorable affair. Powered by  Appletiser, the event saw lucky winners picked from a draw who obtained free session of I-lipo.

The one who brought I-Lipo to Mauritius, Shaheen termed it as the most advanced non-surgical fat reduction and body reshaping system at the chic night full of glamour and glitter. She describes lipo suction as, “advanced non surgical fat reduction, weight reduction, surgery free and without any down time or pain. It offers relief and gets one back into shape under a personalized care program based on Body Mass Index.”

A beauty and wellness concept designed to conduct grooming workshop for corporate clients. The small island is home not just to well informed and traveled local population but tourists and expatriates working in various economic sectors. Nowadays, everyone is speaking about medical tourism as the next big thing, blending leisure, fun with health care and wellness. What better way than hopping to I-Lipo Mauritius. It’s the icing on the cake.

(Third from left) Shaheen Jaulim with son Sohail and husband Dr Zuberr Joomaye, surrounded by family and friends. Image credit: Shaheen Jaulim

The philosophy of I-Lipo is all about beauty and wellness conducting workshops for corporate where the focus is making women beautiful in all aspects, be it carving self esteem, confidence-building and making customers look good. I-Lipo Mauritius is like the desert you crave for, providing dinner and dance make up as well as make up for bridesmaid and brides cum X-mas party make up.

Shaheen shares, “The make up artists are well trained and their inspiring, highly interactive sessions are conducted in a supportive and enjoyable manner that offers memorable moment in life. Whether it’s a one-to-one coaching consultation, or an intimate group workshop, the sessions are tailored to focus on customers particular challenges and objectives.”

A beauty and Wellness concept as its maker, surrounded by her gang, poses for the shutterbugs. Picture credit: Backstage at Hennessy Park

What I-Lipo offers:

– Pampering lunch time or evening mini makeovers session for your friends or staff/colleagues

– Personal / Group Makeup workshop

– Wardrobe Reorganization Styling Session

– Image and Grooming Workshops for Schools & Corporations

– Professional Makeup Training Programmes for aspiring Artisans.

Guests during the evening. Image credit: Backstage at Henessy

Style and Wellness has never been so beautiful and is not lost in the crowd. With countless styling accolades under their belt, beauty and wellness, is here to dispense tips and tricks of the make up trade. You wanna keep up appearance or to save hours of painstaking photo shop work, the plethora of makeup workshops are bound to cater to your specific needs and whims. The product is tailor made for anyone, corporate, party goers and to get you kicked into form and Style & Beauty Experts is the go to place for your style. The makers guarantee you professional make up to the corporate power look.

I-Lipo X cell is designed and fine tuned to provide ultra low level laser through treatment pads under the guidance of a doctor and is clinically proven, safe and FDA cleared for circumferential reduction minus side effects. It’s all about long-term results where both men & women can avail of treatment which spans over 45 minutes to one hour. Unifying the skin to grow cellulite, I-lipo X Cell is number one in United States and all machines are imported from United Kingdom.

If you are hopping to Mauritius for a stop over, holidays or just moved in and wanna get back into shape, you know the place to be, to indulge yourself and live up to the mantra, keep fit and health is wealth. Wellness is priceless and it’s an industry growing globally at eye popping figure to the tune $ 3.4 trillion industry according to 2014 figures . Nestled in Pointe aux Cannoniers, check for details on the Facebook page of I-Lipo X Cell for more.

Disclaimer: It’s not a sponsored post. I was invited to the event and sharing with you about the event.




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