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Guest post: ‘Jane Eyre – personality I admire’ by The Novemberschild

The love for books and why Jane Eyre is an inspiration. Today, The NovembersChild who writes her third guest post tells and shares her love for Jane Eyre and the inspiration she has been in her life.

Note about the writer – The Novemberschild

Appreciation for my writings gives me a better high than vodka. My dream is to give away autographed copies of my authored books to my fans. No much major pressures in life. I admire and take pride in being a part of the world around me. Books are my best friend and I can never get tired of travelling and exploring corners. Not the least, I believe in my destiny, prayers, love and acknowledgement. It’s really important and encouraging for me to have feedback from readers. I can be contacted on twitter – @romspeaks and to read more of my write ups you can click on my blog, thewhitescape.

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‘Jane Eyre – personality I admire’

I have been attracted to books since I was possibly four years old. I was enthralled and am still by the magic created by words. The stories, the characters in it and their different world made me practically live in it as one of them while reading which captivated and fascinated me to no end. I looked up to all the female characters – the heroines from the literature world as huge source of inspiration, rather than real life people of flesh and blood.

Jane Eyre -the protagonist on whom the novel named Jane Eyre was written has been my source of inspiration. Her entrancing character was created in the mid 1800’s by a remarkable writer named Charlotte Bronte. Jane is a cherished woman with whom everyone can find a bit of themselves in. Jane Eyre was a liberator. She was a very strong woman in the days that women were not allowed to be self-reliant. She is a fictional character, and in my heart, she will stay forever. I love that Jane Eyre is an unconventional heroine. She is not beautiful, but instead is rather plain looking.

A deep-seated character of all times, Jane Eyre had her own principles and always abided by them, whatever were the state of affairs. She was free spirited and never bowed down to conventionality, not when her aunt blamed her of theft when she was a little girl and ingenuously replies about not going to hell as “must keep in good health and not die”. She had solemnity and a free mind that is apparent when she refuses to marry Mr. Rochester, the man she loved knowing he was married earlier and has a wife and not even when she had to leave the love of her life, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being, with an independent will; which I now exert to leave you”. She has been a feminist in her opinions and a thorough romantic at heart. Jane had a way about her that demanded attention. She was very shy and introspective, yet her sheer presence was enough to demand attention for all men. Jane’s life story is greatly admired by me due to the nature of her character. She searches for love and acceptance and she finds it in every place she is.

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I didn’t have a very good family situation. I am overwhelmed by books about self-reliance and silly interior resources.  Jane’s early years, raised by relatives who didn’t care for her, then later cast off into an abusive boarding school, gave me strength of character and valour. I made my own way in the world; I am smart and self-reliant, just like Jane.

Jane believed in herself, despite whatever authority was telling her she was a fraudster, unappreciative, or unattractive; even when that influence was Rochester, the man she loved more than anything. She thought things through with her heart and her rational brain, checking her ardent feelings and remaining loyal to the lessons taught to her by her hard early life.

What Jane taught me is to know myself, and to be true to myself.  I’m not perfect.  I don’t live my life like that of my neighbours or family members. I have unlikely ideas about my love life, politics, religion and people whom I met almost every day.  But like Jane, I try to keep them mostly to myself and live as I feel I should.  I don’t have tons of friends or a crazy social life with movies, dinner parties, drinks and barbecues, but I live my silent life very happily in my own world.

She has been an encouragement to many generations, and she will carry on a tremendous prodigy of optimism. Every time I encounter a woman who hasn’t read this book, I advise reading it immediately. Women can learn so much from this great Victorian heroine. We all have a hand in our fate if we keep looking and striving for the goal. We can all achieve the love, so wonderful and magnificent, that our hero Jane Eyre has.


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