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Time warped: Caught between illusion and travel

Hey folks,

An attempt to write a mythical story on the spinning of time in the outer world. Hope you will like this effort to experiment with a short story, blending time and mythical world. It got to do with me reading several mythical stories. Do tell me how you find the story-a bit lengthy I guess.

Time traveled and lost in mythical world

Running against time, he was able to comb his hair and grabbed the crumpled white Pepe shirt and torn Levis denim and stuffed things in his bag which he oscillated on the shoulder. He started running on the street like a mad man and not a rickshaw could be spotted while the BEST buses loomed at a distant but wouldn’t stop as they zoomed past him.

He was freaking out and sprinting on the deserted streets when he heard a scrunchy voice calling him, “Akash” in despair. It frightened him and he received a bolt out of the blue. He stomped on his feet and turned around but to his utter dismay, there was no one. ‘Must be voices playing in my mind. It can happen when you are running against time. An illusion of sort,’ he tries to calm his mind.

It didn’t take him long to realize that he has been running in different directions, losing his way and only to realize he was clueless upon reaching the unknown destination. It’s weird. It doesn’t seem that I am in Mumbai now. Where is the traffic? Honking, crowd swerving their way and sound of vehicles..buses, cars and local trains, he was in disbelief. A scare grew on him, wondering what’s happening to his world but in his heart, he is charmed by the deserted street surrounded by lush greenery, flowers spranging to life and deers tip toeing at the beauty lake. The sky is crystal blue and he gaped at such a beautiful sight that seems to belong to another world. It’s paradise in sight.

He is suddenly lost in such a beautiful sight and dreaming of romancing angels by the lake. Feeling the weight of the heavy back on the shoulder, he strives hard to recall what he is doing early morning on the street. “What is that? Oh! Gosh! I just can’t remember what I am doing here. What the time?.” he asks himself. The man frantically searches for his cell phone and wrist watch but the pocket and hand are empty.

Speeding on the street, he turns around and shouting, “Hello! Is someone here? What’s the time?” A peasant, dressed in dhoti, slowly walks towards to him, “What’s wrong with you, Bhai? Why are you shouting like that? You look like an alien. Who dropped you here? I can comprehend the word you are speaking?”

Akash was aghast and yelled on the peasant’s earlobe, “I am asking what’s the time? It’s a simple word. Why the fuck you can’t understand? I am lost in this place and you can’t help me….arggh!”

The peasant eyes him, “I don’t know what the word fuck is but I can sense it’s not a pure word. Time! What is that? No one in this world know. Bechara! I think you lost your head and you must cleanse the soul of impurity. Is it something that makes you restless? Take a rest.”

He thought that this village bumpkin must be drunk and ignored him, keep walking on the deserted street where he couldn’t spot a soul. His head is spinning seeing the lake, wide road and trees in three dimension but longing to find someone who is willing to help him. It seems that this heaven of a place has no inhabitant, except one human who is clueless about anything. He collapses on the green grass.

Waking up with a pain in his head, he gathered himself and touches his cheek but not an ounce of blood seeped through but still he is feeling the pain in his body. He slowly plods his step and miraculously saw few heads popping, walking at brisk pace. Men and women dressed like village bumpkin, in sari knotted quite unusually, white kurtas and dressed in suit. Monks walking in orange attire, men wearing Pagdi and women decked in gold and bright sari stood erect like statues.

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He hurriedly limps towards them, “Listen to me you people, please tell me what the time it is right now.” A dwarf stops in its track, upped his gaze towards this human and try to decode his words but kept walking. He folded his hand to the beautiful woman with a perfect Goddess face and asks, “Mother! Where can I find the time?” She was amused and looks straight into his eyes, “Time, which world do you belong to? What are you wearing? Your clothes are so weird….we don’t and can’t give what you asking. Breath slowly. It’s a beautiful world you are in.”

Akash was running after every one on the road and the men &women kept growing in numbers as if made of mud and clay, coming to life, from one to dozen and several hundreds. A tall tree suddenly started growing in bundle and the leaves shook thunderously that took the human form in no time. The leaves turned into human hair and the tree took twisted shape turning into a fair and tall man. He wore the brightest smile and his naked feet inched towards Akash who is now lost and not comprehending what’s happening. It’s Narad, who touches Akash by his elbow, “Narayan! Narayan! I know what you are thinking! How can a tree come to life and wearing gold and spotlessly clean Kurta and pyjama. Young man, make no mistake, they are all what you call in your world, designer clothes but it’s gifted by Prabhu.”

It’s Akash turn to be confused, speaking to a tree taking human form and his skin prickled hearing the name. “Parabhu? Whose that?”

“Narayan! Narayan! What a shame, your people worship him. He is timeless, omniscience and the creator of the universe. Lord Prabhu is the re-incarnation of Rudra, Shiva and Vishnu. You were looking for time. He is the one who has time, the creator of the orbit and sun. You will have all the answers, my friend. Come with me.”

Narad laughs at him, “Brace yourself boy.We will travel past the mountain and snow, cross the sea and forests to meet the Lord. Don’t look at me like that and let’s go.” He made a sign with the palm of his hand and a vehicle spins in front of them..made of clay and metal, the engine roaring above the vast ocean and rattling the huge forests and branches stroking their faces. It stops in front of a huge palace and Narad drags Akash inside when he saw a tall man sitting on a throne, his bareback massaged by beautiful women wearing sari, their back showing and transparent blouse.

“Narayan! Narayan! Don’t look at the beautiful paris like that. You are trapped in Maya-Jaal, my boy. Prabhu, our boy making a darshan and trapped in the illusion of time.” Lord Prabhu smiles at Akash, “Welcome to my world. It’s the outer world. You are a time traveler. Confused? You landed here because I wanted you to visit this palace of illusion. Your world is the biggest illusion and you let time rules you. What do you want to do with time?”

Akash was confused, furtively look around, “My Lord! Everyone checks time that flies fast.”

The Lord perches his back on the throne and signals the angels to move away. “Your life is controlled by the button called time that stresses you out. You think you can win over everything through your competitive nature. It’s an illusion that you will win the race of life. Breathe, stop for a while and go with the flow of life. Feel the nerves in your palm. But, you just can’t. You are already defined.”

He was at a loss of words, thinking about how the lord is giving him lesson on time that he couldn’t counter with argument about how everyone is in a hurry like the fast local trains. After all, what the lord wants from him!

The Lord, the great doer who gave the world time, “You are thinking what I want from you. Just one thing, I want to tell you, traveller of the mind and time. All things are to use the time we are build to do.”

“Confused,” the lord asks. “You will not understand as long as you don’t rise above the material aspect of time that remote control your existence. Silently dying in this world of chaos.”

“Narayan, Narayan. He belongs to the optic world of illusion.”

Lord Prabhu casts a severe glance at Narad and asks, “Did I ask you to intervene? Go and entertain my angels with your tales.”

“My son, you see the orbit and the earth spinning. Why do they spin like that?”

“My Lord, it’s science’s creation,” Akash counters.

“I knew that your answer would be Science. I created Science, I am Time. Don’t try to create illusion here in this world. Be in touch with your reality. It’s you here. How does it feel to breath fresh air devoid of stress of making this bundle of paper you call money, frustration and your relationship issue. She has left you and played havoc with your mind.”

Akash protests, “But, why my lord, I love her so much. How will I survive without her?”

The lord laughs mockingly, “It’s all in your head. You are scared of losing her? It’s not love. It’s lust…you were with her for physical pleasure. Learn to disconnect with the physical. Time is closing on you.”

He hears the rattling of trains and honking in the chaotic city. He turns and saw from a distance, beneath the surface he is standing with his feet dangling in the air. “Look downstairs, my Lord. It’s my world. The train rattling at bursting speed, the black and yellow cabbies fighting with each and scratching each other’s clothes, buses whooshing past the crowd.”

The Lord eyes him carefully, “You have time traveled in this world. You are still defined by labels of your city, your world surrounded by the seas and can’t you remove yourself from this world. Rise above the physical and material, travel the seas. Come, I will help you. You are in my world but your mind is wandering somewhere else. Lie down and do like I say.”

Akash removes his shirt under the eyes of the lord and the sari clad angels start massage him with their palms. The lord puts his hand on his head and says, “Slowly inhale and repeat after me, “I am a soul trapped in a time bound body. I am no longer part of this material world. I am with the self.” Akash slowly closes his eyes, disconnected in part from the body and all images elude him.

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Prabhu! Prabhu! Prabhu! He lay unconscious on the middle of the road, surrounded by a group of people, throwing water on his face and oblivious that he brought the traffic at Andheri to halt. Someone slaps him on the face, “Get up slowly. Have some water. You are in Andheri and been lying on the road for hours, speaking to yourself.” Someone held him by the hand and he opens his eye, “You are a pari. I am a time traveler. You are so beautiful.”

She smiles, “Get up man and have some water. What are you blurting? I am no pari and you are a human being, look quite normal to me. I guess, you suffered from fits.” He couldn’t protest and didn’t want to when her face reminds him of the angels at the Lord palace. She held him by her hand and opens the car door to usher him inside. “Get in. I’ll take you to my flat at Worli for food. You must be feeling very weak.”

She ignited the car key and said in her chirpy voice. “I am a doctor. My name is Ankita. Hey friends? I don’t have many friends and the ones I make are special to me. Your name?” He meekly says, “Akash.” Her face is lit by the smile that magically draws him to her. The car is speeding towards the Bandra-Kurla link road, leaving behind the traffic and Akash noticed that not once, the smile has evaded her face.





Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

28 thoughts on “Time warped: Caught between illusion and travel

  1. Interesting idea.Enjoyed the read. One feedback which I too have often received when I have written such stories – ending it as a dream has become too much of a cliche and readers have started finding it too predictable.

    1. Thanks so much for reading, it’s my first attempt at mythology and was toggling with dreams, then zeroed on thrusting him on the street. He’s quite real when the character meets God. Do let me know honestly on the narration and build up.

  2. Whats your target group? Perfect high school fiction. Short, brain-storming, little spiritual dose, and complete with no unsaid words.
    Best part is it holds the reader’s attention till end as a perfect sci-fi thriller.

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