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Sing a new song, Sainiks

The Shiv Sena is in dire need of a reality check. Don Corleone is freezing in his coffin hearing a meek Uddhav Thackeray telling his boys, ‘Well done.’  The muscle Sainik poured ink on the face of noted journalist Sudheendra Kulkarni in protest against the book launch of former Pakistani Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri but the arm twisting method boomeranged on their own face. The book launch took place and Mumbaikars were up in arms to uphold democracy in India.

For sure, it was a black day in cosmopolitan Mumbai and the secular democracy-increasingly being under attack by bigots-that India is. For the record, this hooliganism and thuggish Sena method they are famous for, didn’t have any effect as it failed to thwart the book launch. It’s been more than 20 years that Shiv Sena is playing the same old fascist game and has time and again proved that the party has become irrelevant now. No wonder, Shiv Sena will always remain a regional party and can never aspire to go national through its feeble attempt by shouting on rooftops that it’s a national move on account of the death of Indian soldiers on the border.

First and foremost, agree that Pakistan is playing a very dangerous game on the border by violating the peace process but it’s another debate. The Shiv Sena is claiming that they are defending the country but their thugs blackened the national flag sported on Kulkarni’s shirt. After all, what kind of nationalism is that? The truth is that Sainiks are trapped in regional politics and the argument that they have the right to protest in whichever way doesn’t hold ground since they know that it has fallen flat on their face.

Secondly, the claim that the people of Mumbai and/or Maharashtrians are supporting them is ludicrous. How does the Sena know that the people in Mumbai are supporting their thuggish, intolerant and disgusting act? It’s high time for them to get a reality check that the youth in Maharashtra are more concerned with jobs, night outs and peace as well as end to black outs and water woes. Had Sainiks been concerned for its people, it would have done something for farmers’ in Vidharbha, water logging that happens every monsoon and preventing terror attacks that put in jeopardy the lives of Mumbaikars.

Third, I can find some common ground between Shiv Sena and the kind of movies made by Sooraj Bharjatya’s anthem, ‘Hum Saath Saath Hai’ who keep doling out the same rubbish at some point in every decade. Such kind of 90s stuffs doesn’t work in the digital era and with Sainiks around, book authors don’t need to invest money in marketing and PR exercise. Half the job is done by Sainik and Kasuri will soon be laughing all the way to the bank.

It was a golden opportunity for the Shiv Sena to reinvent themselves with Aditya Thackeray representing the new generation and Congress being wiped out in Maharashtra. Sadly, this party is still trapped in ‘Disco Deewane’ type of music and type writers, being out of sync with aspirations of Mumbaikars. They have failed to realize the ABCD of politics, aspirations and life style. A young generation of Maharashtrians don’t find themselves in tune with such goonda gardi and this party shall remain in the dumps. Mumbai is better without the Shiv Sena and last year’s assembly election result is still eluding the Sainiks. A failed version of Godfather with Udhav-Aditya failure to play Corleone family and even Ram Gopal Verma and his Aag would make better sense than them. Change the music, folks.




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18 thoughts on “Sing a new song, Sainiks

  1. Shiv Sena needs to understand that world and Mumbai going ahead from them very rapidly and they need to reinvent to match their steps such goondaism will only hamper their chances in future.

    1. They’ve already lost it and they can never change with such arm twisting methods that no longer work. In fact, they had a golden opportunity with the gap in the new political configuration. They could have reinvented themselves with a politics of inclusiveness . But, Looking at yesterday event, there is no hope for a drastic change, their methods are archaic .

  2. In politics, either you change with the times (the way BJP tried doing) or you lose ground. If they want to be in the game, they’ll moderate themselves; if they don’t they are already rushing to the cliff.

      1. If you compare the BJP of today with the BJP of twenty-years ago…you’ll see differences. It isn’t easy to change a culture…but one can see the intent and the attempts. Fingers-crossed, still. In time, they must weed out the extreme elements.

      2. At the rate things are going, I don’t see any attempt by them to weed off the extreme elements. Too much water has fallen under the bridge with attacks on the educated lots. This culture of extremism is enshrined in the BJP and high time for the PM to fire them, or else, he will be judged by playing softly.

  3. I am not concerned about Sena which always ultraright extreme stand. Its been their trademark which won them support for years. Its the BJP which doesn’t seem to have unified centrist or rightist stand, which confuses everybody.

    1. They have stopped making sense with their extreme ideology which might have worked at some point. But, the reality is different today with aspirations of the youth in an age of internet and technology. I think BJP suffers from the same problem and they fact that they are remote controlled by RSS which is doing a disservice to the nation and denting the country’s image. Hatred doesn’t work.

  4. The humour in the post was a respite! SS and Barjatiya need to find new ways to catch our attention.
    What happened was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t support the book or the author, but I also don’t support disgusting ways to stop them from doing what they are doing. It creates only hype around teh author and nothing else.

    1. Welcome Nisha. SS and Barjatya are stuck in same old refrain. So true, one may disagree with the book and honestly, I wouldn’t give two hoots about it..speak about free publicity. Their disgusting and appalling behavior is shameful which is a blot to democracy. I was shocked to watch the SS spokesperson saying on NDTV that they have the right to protest whichever way they want. It’s like law of the jungle.

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