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Osmosis of thought

Life is what we makes of it!

There was the gnawing frustration, dark tunnel and demotivating factors encapsulating my existence. Now, the past is behind me. Life is strange, very strange. All it takes is flick of second to overturn the rough tide. I resigned last week from work and after giving four days notice on a Monday, I packed my bags on Thursday, saying taa-taa and bye bye. Since, I didn’t give full one month notice, I requested the former office to keep one month plus 2 weeks’ salary.

The cherry on the cake:I found something new, a stark contrast from what I’ve been doing and from journalism, I shall look into projects for a management company. It’s a kinda transition job before I get something to my liking. But, at the same time, I intend to do freelance writing. It works for me. Before I join in new office, I have 2 weeks break and seven days has already elapsed, I am enjoying every second of the days off, reading voraciously, watching movies and blogging. It’s needed after spending months in frustration and undergoing stress at work. I lost my motivation and desire to work at that place, there was no way I could have continued working in such negative environment. Let bygones be bygones.

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I am relishing my days at home, sipping coffee, watching TV, reading and chatting with a dear friend over a web project that we can do together. I don’t see myself working for someone in the long-term and need to start the project that can generate revenue. But. it’s still in the initial stage of planning but yeah, the content website that I am thinking will be targeted at global Indians, both abroad and at home.

The only thing that is eluding me is the book and anthology that I am writing with a friend. It’s been lazy with me but I have one more remaining week where I intend to finish five short stories where the third one is half-way done. I gotta be back writing in my diary and jotting points on my small, medium and long term goals in life, where I wanna be in the next few years. It feels awesome to sit and do practically nothing, reading stuffs and blogs in such a relaxed mood and atmosphere. There are so many stuffs that I need to catch up with and there are quite a few books waiting for me. I am like Super man, hell bent to finish stuffs in a week. Deepak Chopra’s Ageless Body and Timeless Mind gifted by a friend for my happy wala budday, just got Amish latest ‘Scion of Ishvaku’ and yeah there is also a Mills & Boons, ‘An Offer She Can’t Refuse’ by Usha Narayanan. Yeah! I read such stuffs at times and ideas flow when you wanna script your next best selling rom-com novel. I have no shame in telling this: I want to be a successful rom-com writer churning Indian stories about love. I just finished Pep Guardiola, one of most successful coach in the history of European football and this man is genius achieving so much at a young age and he has built such an emotional bond with this players and in particular, the best of the best, Leo Messi. My kindle books are waiting for me to be read and reviewed and I have Devika’s Book ‘Saved in Sri Lanka’ and Sonia’s ‘A Soldier’s Love Story.’

Today, gonna watch the big come back on screen. It’s Jazbaa! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who comes back after five years hiatus and wanna see her again, one of the rare times when reviews doesn’t matter. Just wanna see the most beautiful woman on earth perform and how she has changed post motherhood. As I temporarily move away from journalism and writing full time in magazine, I am thinking of doing a half fiction and half real short novel on what goes inside a new room but such projects will take hell lot time to take shape. That’s what I like about breaks from work: You mull of ideas in a breezy atmosphere, doing nothing and stuffs brewing in your mind free from compulsion and stress ordeal. I’ve been on a buying spree, loads of pens and have this fixation for stationery.

How I wish I could afford two weeks holidays in India but in shortage of money and intend to do it next year, may be I’ll be shifting back or jump to Dubai for career. I need to be more pro-active on this count and been quite lazy.





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16 thoughts on “Osmosis of thought

      1. You can be do it Vishal ! I remember Madhvi Bhabhi’s famous dialogue to Bhide master ‘App ka blood group kya ha B+ then be postive naa’.I came across this dialogue when I was seeing ‘Taarak Mehta ka OOltha Chasma’ the evergreen serial yesterday
        Best of luck 🙂

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