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#WYHO: “Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.”

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“Trust, like the soul, never returns once it is gone.” ~ Publilius Syrus

Avish shouldn’t have been born in this age.  A young and energetic, 18-year-old, he wore his heart on his sleeve and blindly trust anyone, who made friends with him. He took people at face value. After all, he was of jovial nature and has an endearing quality, the smile on his face and the kindness that made him won so many friends. He was grateful to life and the gentle nature in people.

The time, he started working in the cafe on his laptop, he became friends with a girl and took no time to be besotted with her. After all, she used her charm on him but faked it off, pretending that she is in love with him and that what matters to her are the simple things in life. They started dating and holding hands inside the cafe. Shaina would spend the nights chatting with Avish on whatsapp and he introduced his best friend, Karan, to her. He was oblivious what they were doing behind his back. The kind-hearted fellow that he is never doubted their intentions and trusted both Shaina and Karan with his life. For his, the two were his world. Nothing in the universe could conspire to make him doubt their intentions.

It was a bright sunny day when Shaina walked in and hugged him. They reclined on the chair and ordered coffee, waiting for Karan who would soon hop in during his office break. Avish had to make a call and and asked Shaina to have a look at his laptop. He came back after 15 minutes and didn’t notice that the laptop was switched off, his password altered.

The three best friends Shaina, Avish and Karan spent the whole day together laughing at silly jokes and promising that they will always remain together through thick and thin. Avish waved to them and went home to get ready for the party later where he had to give the document to the boss. He took his shower and dressed in his favorite black suit for the special occasion. Before leaving home, he checked his laptop but to his horror, the document was missing. Avish frantically searched the laptop but the document couldn’t be retrieved anywhere.

He walked to the party in front of guests and both his best friend and girl friend couldn’t be seen anywhere. The boss wrestled him, “Avish! What have you done? How much money have you pocketed to trade this sensitive document?”. He couldn’t comprehend what was happening and explained to his boss, how the document has mysteriously disappeared from his laptop. His boss was aghast, “Buddy, give this shit to someone else. You know where the document is? It’s with the rival company. Our guys wanted to press charges against you but I shielded you since I’ve known you since a long time. I hope that you won’t get carried away next time by money. You better leave and just ruined your career. At least, be happy you are not behind bars.

Avish was dejected and left the party. Outside, he saw two heads smooching by the lake and he got a shock to see Shaina and Karan into each other’s arms. He got his answers, the ones he considered close to him stole the sensitive document that shred his life into tiny pieces. His dream was shattered. Avish’s soul was bruised and knew that he could never trust anyone with his life.

This post is written on the above quote as part of ‘Write Your Heart Out On The Weekend – #WYHO’ hosted on Write Tribe by Corinne Rodrigues.


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