Brilliant hue in the sky


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Shiny and breezy atmosphere wafting in the ear.

Weapon of light and thunder suddenly sprang to life and brings mesmerizing joy to one’s existence.

Mesmerized at the cloud bursting in colors and bringing dollops of happiness,

power of sheer magic and energy sparkling everywhere.

A day of immense happiness at the sight brilliant hue in the sky,

rekindles hope and sheer optimism.

A translation of imagination into reality.

Translucent and positive thoughts mingle with the mind and particles in the soul.

Incredible magnetism,

it suddenly started to become true.

A lesser mortal expressing surprise as days of anguish and turmoil is subsided into ashes.

I count my stars in the cloud.

Happiness has a name and it’s called, belief in the potent energy.


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