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#1000Speak: High tide lifts all boat

“High tide lifts all boats”

It’s often a term that we stumble across every now and then, be it on blogs, social media or newspaper, compassion. Be compassionate towards fellow human beings, has been oft repeated but how many of us has seriously mulled on the word and translate into actions what we read? Like they say, actions speak louder than words.

I always believe that we live in a circle and a bound in a chain, be it happiness, sadness or joy. A small action on the part of human being in a far off and unknown corner multiplies and reaches someone else in the globe, without the latter actually knowing what lies behind the joy in life. Haven’t you observed how you suddenly feel energetic and feel good vibes that makes you happy for no reason? I call it magic but feel it’s compassion in some form or the other. Someone, feeding a banana or Vada Pav to the small child on the traffic signal is compassion to me. Reaching out to a friend on social media who is going through a rough time is an example of kindness, selflessness and compassion.

There are times when our paths cross with people we may never have met in life and with whom we share a special bond. Social media, despite its minuses, has earned me such amazing friends who has made a huge difference to my life. There are college friends who reached out to me, going out of their way to extend support and listened to me ranting that has remained with me forever. It has defined my life and yes, I was chided and shaken by them when things went awry. This is something that continues to define my life. For me, this is compassion. Many of us fail to understand than compassion is not pity. No, it’s not. Compassion means reaching out to someone facing the rough seas and lifting the person out of the dark tunnel.

Many of you who are on my Facebook list knows that I am undergoing a tumultuous phase in life. Last time, I poured my heart out in sheer desperation and what came out made me grateful to those souls who stood like rock solid support and sending whatsapp messages. Gayu reached out on whatsapp and her words spell like magic, taking time out of her schedule to show me the way and how important it is to be positive in life. This is compassion when someone ping you on his or her own and taking time to help you.

I believe in the power of our words and actions to help someone in need or distress. No! You don’t need to do extraordinary things like many who feel it’s a burden to offer support. A simple gesture lies in the acts such as encouraging words, a phone call or whatsapp message or a small of kindness that can sparkle the face of someone with a smile. You can do it the anonymous way. Isn’t it an irony of sort when so many of us are hooked to the social media and smart phone but we can’t even gather to send someone a message, asking how they are faring in life?

-Feed the child on the street or the baby lying on the pavement with her mother with a pouch of milk and a small packet of biscuit

-Reach out to someone with whatsapp message, doesn’t matter if the person is going through a good or bad time

-Drop a Facebook or email message if know someone going though a bad patch

-Write a small post on your blog to make changes in society and spread the message, if it can help a child get education or someone in shortage of funds to do a surgery.

The above are small ways in which I believe we can make a difference to someone’s life or society. In short, compassion doesn’t mean that we cannot help someone who is well off. Of course, we can and kindness matters the most in life. Just imagine, someone gets down of his or her car and tells you that he is thirsty. I ask this question: Just because that someone is rich, will  you refuse to offer water to quench the thirst?

Kindness is the only way we can open the floodgates of our heart to people in distress and give hope that the world is not after all such a bad place to live. I wish to end this post with the human tragedy where Syrian immigrants are looking for a place to live with dignity. One should understand many of the prosperous nations in the world owe it to the hard work of immigrants and I feel sad to see that many places in the world are turning them down. My heart tanks when I see the little Aylan Kurdi, a three year old, who died on the way for a better life. A nation that uses force against the helpless and innocent children, cannot be termed human in my eyes and they cannot hide behind diplomacy and laws. That’s how I see it.

Be kind and compassionate to fellow human beings for we are united by a common destiny.We are all at the cross road of life and the high tide lifts all of us together and a small gesture on our part will not pull us down.

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Be Kind and share happines

With Love



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18 thoughts on “#1000Speak: High tide lifts all boat

  1. what about your friends I wordpress? Hope things are getting better! take care of yourself.

    A small act of kindness, love can do magic, like you do in our lives, you are a priceless human being, I guess you already know that!

    take care.

    1. Kindness is like magic and I experienced it today.It can flow in abundance. Sailing through and yes, my blog friends means a lot, spreading cheers and happiness. You’ve been a constant support:)

  2. Hey buddy, in this race we call life, we tend to give secondary importance to emotions and feelings, especially that of others. Its so simple, compassion, something which doesn’t require too much effort, but yet doesn’t come naturally to many. Well-written!
    The very fact that you’ve written on this subject is a step in the positive direction. May you be cheerful, always.

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