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Metro Diaries, a small gem and bible of love by Namrata


Book Review: Metro Diaries

By Namrata

Publisher: Revelation House

Rating: Three and a half stars

“True stories aren’t created; they are captured.”



This quote echoes Namrata’s Metro Diaries, tales about love, unrequited ones yet soulful and pious, captured in metro cities that witness thousand love stories, some we imagine and the rest, obfuscate us. Yet, Namrata’s words is so real, stroking our heart. She lends a distinct voice to the stories, bringing a lyrical touch and powerful conversation tone that makes one identify with the stories. At one glance: Metro Diaries is written in a simple, lyrical manner and is an ode to the emotion called love.

The author contacted me on Facebook to review her book. Namrata’s name on the blog is Privy Trifles and do hop on to read the beautiful stories she weaves here. She can be contacted on her Facebook page. An investment banker, Namrata now edits the online mag, ‘Ezine’ and reviews for leading publishing houses and to her credit, a columnist who wrote several anthologies-25 strokes of Kindness, Time’s Lost Atlas, Stories for your Valentine and Social Potpurri, An Anthology Part II.

copyrighted @Privy Trifles/Namrata


Metro Diaries is a collection of 20 love stories captured by Namrata. Love stories that takes you in the by lanes of chaos and ruthlessness, the author explores the underlying emotions that bind the heart. There is pain, disappointment and, of course, triumph in sketching the nuances of characters falling in and out of love.


Metro Cities is a tribute to love, an oxymoron we all fall prey to and how we deal with the lyrical beauty, disappointment, passion and heart break. In ‘Then, Now and Forever’, the character Ron craves for the madness called love which he left somewhere only wanting to get back to its roots and ultimately realizes its true essence in letters carefully preserved by his grand mom, a reminder how love is timeless and stays with us forever.

The beautiful quote, ‘If there is one thing that I could tell you, it would be-You are the ultimate truth of my life’,  shows how the emotion called love through its sheer magnitude makes our believe stronger. Only true love lives forever. The author captures another beautiful story, unrequited love ‘The Wait’ where the main protagonist falls for Rhea and is mercilessly turned down. The writing is sheer power and touches the aspect of rejection that grows and teared us apart. Namrata has gently touched on the aspect of anticipation and pain in this aesthetic story of Suparna falling for Rhea. Simple yet evocative ending. In ‘You, Me and Love’, the author explores the complexity of love with words, “If anything were to happen to either of us, I always wanted to ensure the last thing I said or heard was I love You.” Or, the observation made, “Can love be really so beautifully and pious, I wondered. Well, perhaps, I was in for some magic.” The magic of pure love, minus intimacy, couldn’t be captured so beautifully and simple in such a compelling manner. Love can be varied and turn into obsession or we remain detached. Kudos to Namrata for capturing the essence of free love. The words are not just poetic but comes like a breeze in the love story weaved to melt the hearts. One ask whether we need a selfish reason to love against free love and if we don’t, can it be called love?

In ‘Memories’, the author cooks an ode to love yet again in a very simple manner, speaking from the first person’s perspective, pouring out underlying emotions on what goes inside the heart. ‘Love Revisited’ in all its essence is a powerful tale about a woman, Rhea, who lost her everything and her world came crashing down but it’s just a matter of belief when her Prince in shining armour, which she couldn’t recognize, hold her in tenderness to rekindle the faith that all we need is to believe in the gateway of freedom and liberation to open our hearts.

What I like most about the author is how she starts every chapter with a beautiful quote, perfected with the background of the stories. Metro Diaries offers related stories and characters that we may meet in all walks of life and which may be an extension of our real self, the one we have forgotten and lost somewhere.

What’s Not!

Apart from the minor typos, I couldn’t find something amiss with ‘Metro Diaries’ which is an ode to love in a big city. May be, I would have loved the stories to be further extended and characters explored in a deeper manner. But, that’s the beauty of the stories, simple, short but beautiful.

Final Words:

Short love stories are beautifully captured by Namrata in ‘Metro Diaries’ that warm hearts who believe in the simplicity of love and explores the small battles as lone individuals in a big city, longing for love. The book is a small gem that everyone will relate to. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this collection of 20 short stories, ‘A mini bible of love.’ Touching, engrossing and aesthetic, that’s how I call ‘Metro Dairies.’ A great and must read.




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  1. Thank you so much for such an amazing review Vishal, I truly agree with all the minuses you pointed out as well.. I guess I wanted to keep them open, maybe for a sequel at some time 🙂

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