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All Aboard with Kiran Manral

Blogger, columnist and author Kiran Manral is back to paint the town red. After the Reluctant Detective and Once Upon a Crush released last year, Kiran is back with her latest novel, ‘All Aboard which has opened up to rave reviews on the market. Her latest romance, ‘All Aboard’ is set on a cruise to win hearts and she makes a comeback on the blog. I am sure you enjoyed the interview last year during the release of ‘Once Upon a Crush’ and in this chat, she speaks about her latest book, what keeps her going and future projects on the anvil. ‘All Aboard’ is all over the place and Kiran is visiting your city and what you waiting for? Get on the cruise.

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1.All Aboard comes a year after Once Upon a Crush. What are the fireworks that your readers and fans can expect this time?

There’s heartbreak, attraction, romance, headiness, uncertainty and the whole cocktail of emotions in All Aboard that Once Upon A Crush dealt with fleetingly, because it was more chick lit and humour than romance. This book is unadulterated turn your knees to jelly.

2. How long did you take to pen ‘All Aboard’ and does the tedious process called, lateral thinking, redoing drafts and spacing-important for a writer-been a huge challenge for you?

The first concept and synopsis and earliest chapters were sent across to my editor I think in the mid of 2013, if I rightly remember. It went through the first and second draft and then two edits, as do most manuscripts, in which the story got added to, made crisper in certain parts. I think the reworking is essential. In fact, I completely recommend that writer should sit on a book for six months and then revisit it with a fresh eye to see how it can be reworked and bring improvement.

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3. Right now, what is Kiran Manral thinking, the next book? How ‘All Aboard’ took shape in your mind and did you observe or create characters by pulling down your car window in big cities?

 I think my characters are composites of people I know, they’re all very real and exist all around us. One observes characters everywhere, pick up bits and pieces from everyone and put it all together into a character who is unique and, at the same time. very relatable.

4. Would you call a book writer as someone very sane and how therapeutic one needs to be to get into the crazy mode of thinking?

There’s this quote by Gustave Flaubert that I so identify with. He says, “Be steady and well-ordered in your life, so that you can be fierce and original in your work.” I think that is something all authors need to follow. To live a disciplined life and only let the mind and the creative faculties go wild.

5. What ‘All Aboard’ is all about and how close it is to ‘Once Upon A Crush’? Share the grapevine, do you take it from there?

All Aboard and Once Upon A Crush are both romances, but what they differ in is the tone. Once Upon A Crush I would classify as sassy chick lit romance. All Aboard is pure romance.

6. What has been your mojo moment with ‘All Aboard’ and are you carrying everyone in this tale-young guns, middle aged and romantic hearts cutting across age and gender? Truly ‘All Aboard’!

Mojo moment? I don’t think one has any. One just writes and rewrites and rewrites.

7. What are the plans after ‘All Aboard’? Is something already brewing in your mind for the next novel?

I have two more books coming up this year, one is Karmickids from Hay House, which is nonfiction-humorous parenting anecdotes from my erstwhile blog, and the second is ‘The Face at the Window’ from Amaryllis, which is a darker, more layered fiction and completely different from what I have written so far. It is a very intriguing and nuanced tale.

8. What part promotions plays prior to the release of a book and how do you see the huge platform offered social media? So far, what has been the challenge in writing ‘All Aboard’ and how long it took?

To answer your first question, promotions are important but after the initial push, it is only word of mouth that will help a book to sell. The greatest challenge of writing All Aboard was the setting, the cruise and the Mediterranean cities. It took me around four to six months for the first draft I think. Post that, it was rewrites and edits.



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25 thoughts on “All Aboard with Kiran Manral

  1. wow! happy to know Kiran through your blog Vishal… thank you for sharing..
    I haven’t read her yet, but will pick up one of her books now… 🙂 Cheers!

  2. enjoyed reading the lovely Q&As….learning to conduct interviews now, so this was in a way helpful too.

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