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Sheena Bora case: Where reel fades with labyrinth tale of real life!

What happens when real stories of Mother India meets Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Ghum in a sordid family tale? It’s not the victory of good over evil in reel where Nargis kills her ruthless son Sunil Dutt. Family blood is thin, at least, if we want to believe the alleged killing of Sheena by her mother Indrani Mukherjea. A macabre tale of fillicide that has nothing to do with ‘Honor Killing’, at least if we would believe media reports. First there was former husband who seemed to be the first, Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai involved in the murder of Sheena, then another husband alleged to be the biological father popped up, Siddhartha Rai and now God know, what mystery will unravel!

Agatha Christie’s novels and crime thrillers will pale in comparison to this whole sordid saga whose complexities I may never be able to understand. It’s like a labyrinth of crime, sex and money. I find myself clueless to cast my two cents on the whole affair with Mikhail and Sheena introduced as Indrayani siblings and now offspring,with the latter claiming that the mother wanted to kill him. So, what’s real? Let’s the cops do their work.

However, what worries me is the repeat of young Arushi murder where the cops slandered the young soul with all kind of malicious allegations when the latter was not around to contest or defend her character in a court of law. One must avoid slandering the victim with aspersion on the character of Sheena Bora. As we go back to the Arushi Talwar-which we may not know the whole truth, there were allegations of a botched up inquiry where cops didn’t cordon the crime scene and footsteps tampering evidence. My two cent as a commoner, has the whole thing been altered in the Indrani tale?


It takes us to the dwindling of family values in the race where money is king, something we only saw in movies of 70s and 80s. Saying its sick would be an understatement and with the media focusing their eyes on this whole tale, ignoring real issues in the country, in the name of TRP would be a misnomer. Speak of unfair media trial. Would it be fair to Sheena and Indrani? In the process, we tend to lose the grip on the whole thing and divert from facts is highly possible in the whole matter.

I am no expert in criminal law, far from that, but as I read in an article pointing on the danger of Yellow Journalism where the author asks whether the fourth estate are overdoing things on this whole matter. A concoction of upper crust involved in a murky tale and it gets more spicy by painting it as a glamorous crime. A beautiful woman killed by an equally glamorous and power hungry mother, whom psychologists would term as ‘sick’. Has real issues been thwarted to concentrate all our guns on this crime? It’s quite a rosy picture, according to TV standards, to boost TRP.

Being back to the fall in family values in society, it’s not the first crime committed by parents where we are suddenly starting to question strong family values that provides a sense of balance. Looking towards the West, we’ve said enough how lack of family stability leads to children opening fire in a shopping mall and killing people in a cold blooded manner. Perhaps, we need to do an introspection on our Indian family values. After all, what went wrong?

That’s it! I am done with the Indrani saga of ‘sex,lies and murder’ and the more I track it, I’ll lose my sanity.



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4 thoughts on “Sheena Bora case: Where reel fades with labyrinth tale of real life!

  1. It is so scary! That woman is really, really good when it comes to crime, I wonder how authentic her journalism was!

    I stumbled upon it while watching IBN and then googled it my eyes almost dropped out of socket! that woman is something!

    1. She’s something and crazy….I’ve stopped following her news, now. She needs help and what people don’t do for money. They are business people not journalists. Trust me, many media owned don’t understand a thing about journalism.

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