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Crowd funding sought for sex change operation

Meet Joey Paul, ad film maker from Mumbai and born in Kolkata. She is a good friend of mine. There are very few among us who bare their souls out and tells with unflinching courage that they have an identity as a human being. It’s not pity that they seek from society but their right which they claim and as human beings, we cannot deny them which is theirs.

Joey was born a man but trapped in the latter’s body. But, deep inside, she is a woman and sadly so, her soul has been caged in a world filled with human prejudices, discrimination and scorned upon, like what many transgenders face. As I said earlier, it’s something that belongs to her and there is no issue about her claiming from society which is rightfully her’s. There is no question about it. I make a humble appeal to all of you to help spread the word and contribute for Joey who is gathering funds for sex change. As of now, a sum of Rs 16,500 has been raised and it has to reach Rs 200,000 or $ 3,3300 approx. You can call it a race against time but we have 83 days left to reach the aim.

I ask a question: How we would feel if we were denied our identity as citizens of the world if our identity were crushed at every end in this ruthless society. Being homosexual is not a crime or a disease in the same way I am heterosexual, I wouldn’t like to someone to scorn upon me that I like women. A transgender doesn”t bite nor spread disease. They are human beings capable of giving love in the same way any human being does and there is nothing abnormal about it. I think we owe it to the next generation to see us as human entities capable of loving each other, despite our differences. For me, discriminating against a transgender is something we should condemn in the same year we voice out against the treatment meted out to people belong to different caste, class, sex or religious minorities for that matter.

Look at Joey. She is educated and is an independent ad film maker yet they didn’t bat their eye lid in discriminating against her. Be it,asking her to vacate her flat at Jogeshwari weeks after she moved in and the refusal to get her the house papers. She spent her hard-earned money in designing her abode of peace to her taste and the investment made, both monetary or running around spending her precious time.This discrimination is destroying humanity. Today, it’s Joe, tomorrow it will be me or you.

Losing one’s individuality due to prejudices or stone aged mentality can crush a person and its dreams. Little do we wonder what the person lose in terms of sanity or professional assignments, it could have been me or you. I feel we have no right to do so or laugh at people who have a different sexual orientation. A person doesn’t deserve it at all.

I make a humble appeal to all of you reading this post to contribute for the surgery on this link cum post written by Joey, Caged where she narrates in first person her struggle and side of her story. You can read the discrimination faced by Joe in stories carried by Times of India.

According to Indian Penal Code, Article 377 an archaic law that dates to the British era makes a person of different sexual orientation a criminal. Can we afford to continue with this discrimination?

Please follow the link on:

  1. Discrimination faced
  2. Sex change,film maker banks on crowd funding

It’s a crowd funding and follow the above link which I am copy and paste here again,

Every rupee or dollar matters and again making an appeal to donate generously since she is in short of time. Let’s create history by donating in any currency, not just Indian rupee and no matter in which part of the world you are, you can make a difference to someone’s life.

Spread love not hatred




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