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You said Privacy!! Consenting adults not quite so according to moral ‘policing’

You’ve said privacy! Soon, cops will barge in your room to monitor what you are doing with your girl friend, boy friend, spouse, call girl or gigolo for that matter. Yet, they said that they cannot control what people watch in their room. Now, I need to think thousand times before sweeping someone under her feet. Wait, I first need to check with law makers before singing, ‘Tujhe Aksa Beach ghumaon, chalti hai kya! Will I be booked under ‘Bombay Police Act’ for Indecent behavior? Aaj gaana gane mein bhi moral lesson hai.’

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High handedness, callousness perpetrated by the ones, read Mumbai Police, so-called defenders and protectors of the public. They don’t flinch in slapping a girl, calling the parents to give an earful for spending time in a hotel room. A gross violation of privacy and infringing of personal liberty. Hey, how about arresting those rapists, criminals, terrorists and drug peddlers? You choose to humiliate couples, posing as some high authority on morality. I know you are cops but it seems you are taking your role, too seriously. You said, ‘Moral Policing’! Do some policing in your Ilaaka to curb down on crimes. Nahin! Section garam hai kya in arresting dons.

Shocked would be an understatement when I first heard that you choose to barge into private rooms, giving lame excuses that you were checking on prostitution. Damn it! These people are not prostitutes. Next time, you will enter mine or someone else’s house to spell out morality or sex education. Why don’t you go and arrest people trafficking young girls, trapped into prostitution or the mafia who beat up young boys and girls, forcing them to beg at traffic signals? It’s not the Mumbai that I knew, a city that prided itself in the liberal life style, cosmopolitan culture and night life. The city will not recognized at all in a couple of years, courtesy such filthy behavior. It seems the lights has been turned off as we sink deeper into the dark ages. Are the police following extremists or the Bhakts for that matter? The influence of the likes of RSS are not sparing the cops now or is it?

Makes me wonder how you have given yourself a self-appointed licence to decide who should have sex with or sleep with whom. First beef ban and now barging into rooms booked by adults. Stop wearing blinkers. Just go and see how social mores has evolved over time among young Indians in cities and far-off towns or rural settings. It’s not me who should give you a reality check. New age Talibanism doesn’t work among a generation ahead of its time in technology and life style. Hey!! Aren’t you the ones who go and relive yourself at Kamathipura, Congress House and Sonagachi or raping gay people, assaulting kids, pee on the wall?

Indecency is a simple word to understand, guys. So, are the words, ‘adult’ and ‘privacy.’ How about couples being beaten to death by new-age extremists who go on a rampage at Archies Gallery on Valentine Day or destroying work of arts? Will you arrest and beat them up? Live life on their own terms. Well! I am not a parent yet and when I do and the day my hair becomes grey. I say with pride that I will give my daughters and sons, the right to choose a partners and encourage them to be liberated intellectually, spiritually and sexually. I feel sorry for your respective husbands and wives, O’ Guardians of Morality. A humble appeal to CM of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and CP Rakesh Maria, to suspend you and the couples should drag you people in court. You must pay for that. It’s shameful. Privacy be damned! It’s a tragedy because of a few rotten apples that honest men and women in Khaki-a huge majority-will bear the brunt and insult.

Aap ka subbh chintak, global citizen and freedom’s lover.




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16 thoughts on “You said Privacy!! Consenting adults not quite so according to moral ‘policing’

  1. we can just wait and watch what is next? All these petty activities is actually over-shadowing more sinister problems.

  2. i dont know what is wrong with the people with power these days…..everyone seems to be enjoying exercising their powers. Government is busy banning stuff and now this…….. I guess we are going back to the dark ages :/

    1. They are ludicrous and dunno where this rubbish comes from. Sadly so, the Government should be called, Har Har Ban and time to ban their mouths, minds and steps. Better for the people and the country.

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