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Book Review: Against All Rules by Summerita Rhayne

Against All Rules is a desi masala of passion, emotions and Love

Book Review: Against All Rules

Author: Summerita Rhayne

Rating: Three and a half

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A bold attempt in weaving a unique romance injecting eroticism and exploring relationship, albeit, its nuances, in an intelligent-cum-engaging manner. That’s how I would describe author Summerita Rhayne’s ‘Against All Rules.’ There are many novels where intimacy, eroticism and sex as a back drop in love story gets repetitive and boring but Summerita avoids the pitfall in rightfully placing the scenes in the context throughout the novel. At one glance, Summerita Rhayne’s ‘Against All Rules’ is an entertaining read that boasts of a fast-paced narration, tapping the complexity of human emotions and intelligently bringing the characters alive in this engrossing tale.


Tahir is recovering from his divorce when he has a passionate encounter with his PA Samara at his flat. Certainly, not the best way for them to hit it off which gets passionate, sizzling and murky at times. Will Samara reveal her attraction to Tahir? Against All Rules explores the passionate intimacy between Tahir and his efficient PA Samara. Certainly, not the best thing to happen between the boss and his junior in the office.


The book starts with a passionate intimacy between both characters, Tahir and Samara, who at first, hides their pain, angst and attraction towards each other. It explores matters of the heart when Samara is falling for her boss and Tahir who has just suffered from a divorce but also a painful past, refuses to open his heart to the former. Deep inside, Tahir is a bruised person, yearning for love but would not flinch in portraying himself as ruthless. The author has competently explored human emotions and nuances of characters of both protagonists. What works in favor of the book is the explored passion between Tahir and Samara which doesn’t get boring or bland. It’s a compelling tale of love, emotions and erotic love. Summerita Rhayne explores with great depth the emotions raging in the blood and shows how her characters are humane and vulnerable at time. The time when Tahir loses his father and cries shows the real him or Samara, a self-made woman, tells her real story where she made it on her own despite an oppressive aunt. Against All Rules s a very relatable book in today’s time where office romance can wreak havoc on lives. The book also has its light moments with the clash between Samara and Tahir’s ex, where the former breaks into a Haryanvi accent. Summerira Rhayne has chosen a very difficult subject which demands a certain sensitivity while at the same time she scores high with the description of sexual tension that hooks her readers. It’s difficult to weave a story based on intimacy where many fail by making the scenes tedious in the narration. But, credit to the author for injecting a fair dose of love, romance, intimacy that makes it an engrossing read.

Quotable Quotes:

1.”The offer of pleasure without ties, sex for its own sake only. A weekend rendezvous….so it’s nice to have an affair with me if only the company policy allow.” She couldn’t resist saying.’ I won’t touch you more than the bare necessity of doing it and our interaction will be limited to business..this particular business and the usual one…’ ‘You won’t press your advantage in me sexually.’

2. She caught his arm. ‘I had no idea it was like this for you. I thought being born with the silver spoon in your mouth, you had all the comforts..God, I’m sorry. Tahir,’ she blinked. ‘But, you know what, Tahir, you’ve done everything you could, despite the anger, you’ve always attended your father. You’ve never turned back your duty as a son.’

3. ‘Because,’, he swallowed, ‘I thought love would make me weak. I wanted to be strong, never look for love from my Dad. Never have to ask for caring.’ ‘You can’t ask for caring.’ Samara said, ‘It may be given or not. How can a child demand it?’

What’s Not:

While Summerita Rhayne work is lauded for giving ‘Against All Rules’ a certain edge in this heart-pounding narrative and giving a human face to her characters, I feel that certain things could have been worked out better to make the sequences more effective. For instance, the clash between Tahir and his ex-wife Elaine where the dialogues could have been made more powerful to leave an impact. Secondly, the book ends with a mellowed Tahir realizing that Samara is the love of his life but I feel that the change happen in a simple and sudden manner, where the former makes a u-turn to embrace his beloved.

Final Words:

Having assessed ‘Against All Rules’ weighing the pros and cons, it’s a refreshing and unique tale of love, passion and emotions that one cannot afford to miss. Summerita Rhayne’s unique style of fast narration and story premise makes it a winner all the way. She is one of the authors that has described the ‘eroticism’ of love in a vibrant manner which is never dull. There is a thin line between classy narration of love making and crass intimacy. This is where Summerita Rhayne succeed. A must read.

I thank Summerita who gave a free Kindle edition for a day on Amazon. com. Click on the link for purchase details. Check Summerita’s website for more and connect with her on Twitter.



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