Hindi Baatein: Shehar



This post is written as part of Hindi Baatein  on Thursday hosted by Sharmistha. It’s a reflection on Maximum City, Mumbai and how we get addicted to it, over time.

Sheher! Bhid, rail gaadi aur buses.

Yeh sheher jahan hum log sapnay dekhte hai aur kho jata hai.

Ek sheher aisa hai duniya mein,

jahan log tez raftar mein rehte hai, zindagi ke daur jeetne ke liye.

Kuch aise log hai jo nirash hote hai phir bhi shehar mein roz ek naya sapnay dekhte hai.

Bas Umeed bohot hai iss shehar se.

Iss galiyan se ek anokha rishta hai.

Iss Seher ne hum ko zindagi diya hai aur seekhaya hai kaise jeete hai,

Bas kuch sapne adhura reh  gaya…..






27 thoughts on “Hindi Baatein: Shehar

  1. are you tech savvy? there are options in gmail through which you can write in hindi my brother did the job for me, if I send you the steps will you be able to do that by yourself? someone gave me the steps but I could not do it, but he did it.

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