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Tribute to Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, our beacon of hope and ignited dreams

It’s a day of gloom and it was tizzy of shock to learn that one of the greatest man who shaped India’s destiny as one of its greatest scientist, father of Nuclear programme, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam breathed his last today. I hoped that it was a rumor that one of the greatest Indian President and a model has passed away. But, it was not meant to be as India lost one of its greatest man who ignited dreams and gave Wings of Fire to the Nation. I refuse to say RIP because souls like President Kalam are timeless and beyond death. I feel that I was lucky that he was India’s President, the time I was still a student in college. Even in death, the passionate teacher, was delivering lecture. Righting a post on Shri Abdul Kalam is insignificant. Honestly speaking, the man who inspired millions across the world, cannot be described in a lengthy blog post and I choose to dedicate a poem to him. He shall always reverberate in our mind and soul. Let remind ourselves that Shri Kalam was and is the harbinger of hope, at a time when we hear so many pessimist views about India. Let’s add Wings of Fire to the country.

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A beacon of hope and shining light who ignites minds.

A man who shone and an intellectual rocket for his country.

His vision wore no blinkers, a soft heart to young children, men and women, the downtrodden.

The pride of the nation.

Who won hearts and earned respect of not just India but the world.

Describing President Shri Abdul Kalam in words wouldn’t suffice.

The infectious smile that will remain forever  etched in our hearts.

The simple life he led is an inspiration to us.

He was one of us who bridge distance between his subjects and himself.

A charmer who believed in the power of education and never shied to enlighten us,

on being a simpleton.

His thoughts will stay forever.

Timeless man.

It’s hard to believe that he is no more as our eyes well up.

The power of a man and women lies in its intellect, to shape beliefs, engineer thoughts and nurture creativity.

It’s a dark day in our rich history.

We simply cannot digest the fact that one of the greatest man is no more.

We shall remember you Sir for your kindness, love, humility and intelligence.

You will always remain a model for us as we keep the faith despite the lows,

for you gave us wings of fire and ignited dreams, inspiring a nation.

Today, the heart is heavy but filled with hope for India to become a super economic, intellectual and cultural power.

We believe in your words and actions

With Love




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36 thoughts on “Tribute to Shri APJ Abdul Kalam, our beacon of hope and ignited dreams

    1. Shri Kalam is eternal and this thoughts will remain for ever. It’s our chance to make his dreams of India 2020 to come true. I still can’t believe that Sir is no more and it came as shocker.

  1. A wonderful tribute to an amazing man… RIP sir!
    Guess it was this post that had to finally bring me here Vishal 🙂 Cheers!

  2. My respects to this beautiful, wise human being as well… hope I can do something useful to justify being a devotee of him… thanks on writing about him.

      1. Well… to be honest I was a fan of him, read his Wings Of Fire book, I was fortuanate enough to have seen him as audience he was guest lectuerer for our college convocation… then few years later I forgot about him, I did see his book vision 20 20 and thats all… but I always adorned him, if I was his devotte then I would have done lot of things noble, but anyway… will try to do something worth being his fan, though I don’t think I would… was sad he left the world though

      2. Both Wings of Fire and Ignited Minds are amazing books. How lucky to attend a lecture of Dr Kalam. India-Vision 2020 is another brilliant book and is a must read. Dr Kalam admirers are found across border and I feel his thoughts will be kept alive.

  3. HI Vishal – Very true. Even I do not want to mention RIP. Let me salute the great man, and wish that he remain “evergreen”.

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