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#My Cherished Object: Mumbai black-and-yellow taxi

Taxi Mumbai

It was the Mumbai summer in May and the last day of SYBA exams. I remember giving the exam and headed home to pack my bag and hop to Mumbai to chill and get away from Pune. I took the bus late night and reached Dadar past midnight since I had to receive someone at Mumbai airport and accompany him to the domestic terminal at Sahar. It was initially planned to be three days stay in Mumbai which turned into a week.

I didn’t know that on my last day, I would acquire one of my most cherished object that would stay with me forever. Staying in Colaba has its own perks way and back in 2005 it was a steal, staying in a room that I got for 100 bucks a day. Yeah! You got it right! It was near Regal and mind you, a decent hotel, not a metaphor to Decent Hotel in Shahid-Kariena starrer Jab We Met. Okie! The room was kinda small like a match box but considering that I am out most of the time, it makes sense. I loove the view of Mumbai, double decker buses and the iconic ambassador black-and-yellow cabs. I am fascinated by the cabs which reminds that you are in Amchi Mumbai.

Sitting like a King in the cab whooshing in speed and admiring Maximum City at its peak as the wind stroke past your face and ruffling your hair, the magical moments reaches its peak to dizzying height. That’s Mumbai for me. I just love the taxi ride. It’s something I’ve learned to cherished and no matter how long one comes back to the city, there are certain things that never change in this religion called Mumbai and one of its temple, the black and yellow cab.

It was Saturday that I checked out at the hotel. After a sumptuous meal at Mc Do, I bought few Kurta, Shirt,T-shirts and quite a few mundane mundane stuffs at Colaba Causeway that I bundled in my bag that grew like a balloon. As I walked past a street hawker selling miniature taxi and rickshaw. I haggled with him and finally settled for 50 bucks. I was in awe of the toy, this cute little taxi that formed part of my memories in Maximum City. I was happy of my new possession, gleaming like a child.

The train reached Pune station past midnight and hailed a cabbie to home where I was welcomed by my best friend and flat mate, Adi, who shamelessly opened my bag to see the magic of my shopping spree in Mumbai. He knows how crazy I can get in Mumbai. He took the small toy and rolled it on the floor. We started playing like kids. Adi smiled in his usual maniac manner, saying, ‘Oh! Day and Night Service..Taxi. Your favorite.’ I was proud of the gift to self. Over the years, the cab became my most prized possession, as I harked back on memories made in the city.

This post is written as part of The cherished Blog Fest hosted by Dan Antion Damyanti, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat. I am again running late and post for Day 2 on July 26 for the three days blog hop.







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18 thoughts on “#My Cherished Object: Mumbai black-and-yellow taxi

  1. 🙂 The black and yellow taxi is unique. The one thing I always love is how they never refuse a ride and never bargain, at least they didn’t in my experience. Next time I visit Mumbai I must get one of those toy versions.

    Interestingly, during my second stint in Mumbai we lived in Colaba too! 🙂

    1. Vidya, sorry for replying late and wonder how your message went into my spam. I bought it at Colaba, not far away from my hostel at Churchgate. I have so many fond memories associated with Mumbai:)

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