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#The cherished blog fest: Life time memories at Trident, Gurgaon


Nestled in Gurgaon, Trident Hotel which is part of the famous Group of Oberoi, gave me life time memories. Eight days, eight nights of happiness, this place is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I’d call it the perfect gateway of happiness. The ever smiling staff treat you like a member of the family and just walking at the lobby, seeing happy faces and folding their hand, saying namaste, brings a sense of peace and rejuvenated my battery.

It makes me wonder how we humans get tired in a day and not every moment echoes human happiness. Seeing them standing on their feet for the whole day and not a sullen look, it deserves respect. The hotel, the atmosphere gives the feeling of home away from home. What dedication! Spreading positive energy.

During my stay at Trident, I would take a night stroll and admire this beautiful pool at the entrance and the reflection of the dome at the entrance which is pure bliss. It shines beautifully in the wee hours. What a beautiful scenery! It feels like one is in heaven. It makes your day soothing, peaceful and flawless. One can feel the powerful vibes flowing in and one wishes that nothing can disturb such peaceful and spiritual thought. You feel like living life king size, churning of beautiful dreams. It’s a moment to be relished, enjoying every second of your life. You suddenly feel how precious your life is and doesn’t want this moment to elapse.

I would love walking past this beautiful pool, talking several rounds and feeling the cool air and breeze wafting through the skin. A feeling of such magnitude that cannot be described in words. I call the moments magical, running for a hot cup of cappuccino inside and rush back for a walk by the pool side. One wishes for this moment to stay forever. This is pure love for me.

There are moments in life that struck you and feel it’s like a dream that has caught your fancy. It’s not fancy but pure beauty where you get this feeling of something extraordinary that will happen in your life. Mojo moment! Trust me, this feeling of watching such a beautiful sight is simply and magnificent. It’s like falling in love for the first time. The first love and this place will always remain special for me.

Never in my wildest imagination that I would have thought of visiting such a place. But, it’s Karma in love when happiness comes in various forms and quite unexpected. A killer moment! The first time I saw this beautiful pool, I mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of its beauty and stood there admiring how nature and creativity can blend to turn into something so powerful. It remained in my mind for hours.

During the day, the first thing that popped in my mind is to rush out and admire the beautiful sight. It was a daily affair and post work done, no prize for guessing my hang out spot at the hotel! Trust me, watching such beauty does a lot to your mind and soul. You feel an inner peace and beauty within.

This post is written as part of The cherished Blog Fest hosted by Dan Antion Damyanti, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat. Click here for more details on the blog hop, from Day 24 to Day 26. Today, I am running late and posting for Day One on July 25 when I should have posted yesterday. Apologies.




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