Hindi Baatein: Ishq mein halat kharab

Hey folks, today is Thursday and time for Hindi Baatein, the initiative of my dear friend Sharmistha Basu, to encourage blogging in Hindi. Hope you will enjoy this small poem, ek choti si bhent aap sab ke liye.

Yeh ishq nahin aasaan,

pagalpan jo hum karte hain, khat aur kavita likhte hein.

Bas usse bhejna bhool gaye hum.

Aakhir yeh kaun padega.

Ussko kaise pata chalege mere dil mein kya guzar raha hai.

Kya usse pata mere dil mein kya beet raha hai,

Darr kiss baat ko,

ke hum ussko kho denge.

Isse kehte Ishq mein halat karab hona aur khud ko bhool jana.

Akhr iss pyar koi anjaam nahin.

With Love



41 thoughts on “Hindi Baatein: Ishq mein halat kharab

  1. 🙂 The toughest thing? Typing Hindi in English! Indeed yeh ishq nahin aasaan! This reminds me of those days when we would pledge to only speak in an Indian language for an hour with absolutely no other language to dilute it!

    • My Devnagiri Hindi is quite bad and it’s a challenge this year to re-learn the mother tongue. I am a strong proponent of Hindi. I think we should inculcate this habit of speaking for an hour in Hindi, if not every day but at least twice a week:)

    • when we were kids we were not allowed the “mingling”, we had to pick up whether we will speak in Bengali/hindi or English, in home I mean, our siblings made us do that, not parents but it was a fantastic thing they did!

      • Ya! One should never forget the national and regional languages, which are rich, in India. I believe parents should make it a norm, at least once a week, to encourage Hindi:)

  2. beautiful! are yaar pyar jab hota haina to phool bhejne kee baat sure yaad rahti hai, yehi sign hai ke actually pyar hai ya nahi! samjhe? Jo ladkiyan phool na bhejne pe chidh jaati hain wo isi liye chidhti hain.

  3. My Dear Vishal, went into Your post seeing the heading. Kudos on the effort. But there is some Urdu mixed in, Ishq and Khat being examples. But no problem. Yes, as the old saying goes: “Aur bhi Gam hain Mohabbat ke sivai!” And at least for me, Social Issues take up my time, (though I am writing Quite a lot of posts on Christianity, as somebody asked for it).

    Anjaam or Anjaan, to me the last line was not clear. Even the word ‘iss’ could perhaps be replaced by ‘Yeh.’ How about: Pyaar koi Jaam nahin!

    Hearty Regards. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sir for pointing out at the mistakes and suggestions. It should have been Anjaam, my bad, yeh sounds better when I am not unsure. You are doing a fab job, Sir and welcome here:)

      • Thank You for Your kind validations, my Dear Vishal. Very kind of You. You are doing Quite well too! Keep it up. Let’s have More! Regards and Blessings. 🙂

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