Magnet of love and physical distance

It was the season of plucking red roses and grape in the yard,

flowers blossomed in the bud.

Drop of rain splashed in the pond and seeped on the green leaves.

She came like a storm and disappeared like dust in the air.

It was this one moment in life that attracted his like magnet and drew him towards her.

She cast a spell on his sense like a mystery.

He wanted to discover the enigma.

It was her.

He became restless and breathless at her sight.

Her smile was shrouded in mystery which he wanted to explore and was moved every moment she appeared in front of him.

It was an illusion that he called love.

One moment that changed his life forever and he would never be the same again.

He knew that she has moved him and altered the course of his heart, capable to love and grow like the flowers.

It was a moment of truth when he came face to face with his real self.

Yet! It was an oxymoron.

If only he realized that the heart could lie and fathom,

knocking himself down every second in this quest for love, seeking passionately for the tender emotion.

She traveled the oceans, skyline and mountains.

He wandered aimlessly in the journey of love, following her steps.

It was the moment of awakening,

his journey bore no end and was directionless.

It was a trick.

She wanted him, to realize the futility of love but the real purpose of his life.

It was moments of self-discovery as his hear broke into pieces.

It made him powerful.

After all, she has been through this emotion thousand times, rejected by many.

They discovered each other in the similar path yet so disconnected from each other.

It was true love, faraway from each other on completely planet.

They converged spiritually but physically, they were alien to each other.

Love can’t be stranger than this.

With love



22 thoughts on “Magnet of love and physical distance

  1. Somehow I feel that’s the beauty of love. You find it in weird places, you experience it when you least expect it and there are connections which go beyond worldly wisdom.

    This poem reminds me that. This phrase is so powerful – illusion that he called love.

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