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‘#100WordsonSaturday’: Success first then happiness

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‘#100WordsonSaturday’: Success first then happiness

Success, like love, can be an oxymoron. How does one define success? Like intelligence, it varies from how we view and weigh success. It’s our approach to success and in our entire career or life, we should keep striving to derive happiness from it. There is no age or bar that we reach a peak of success at a particular phase. Success and happiness are inter-linked. The brownie point: How many us will leave a job or a relationship if we are not happy. There are bills to pay and survive. An open question, what matters, success first then happiness?

This post is written as part of ‘#100WordsonSaturday 18 July 2015′ hosted on Write Tribe. You can also check my Guest Post on The White Scape.

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22 thoughts on “‘#100WordsonSaturday’: Success first then happiness

  1. it all depends on how we define “success” I may not have accumulated anything in material sense but still I can believe that I am successful. I wonder if I had been happy if I believed that I am a total failure!

    1. It’s sad how so many run after material quest and it’s no yardstick to measure success. I don’t have lots of money but successful in my own way and everyday, I strive to follow the upward trend.

      1. true! I think the only “achievement” we should ache for is earning our own bread with dignity, a butter will be nice, chicken mutton ho to kya baat hai but the bread part is the only thing we should ache for!

        as for material achievement that blackhole never fills up! the more they get the more they want.

      2. True! Small joy in life ensures that we sleep peacefully at night where don’t have any guilt about life. Material achievement, nowadays, is over rated and blame it on education system that push people to be competitive and any any means is good for stealing and ethical ways which is not a good way to lead life.

    1. It’s very sad state of affairs where it’s the law of the jungle and the value of the human being is sacrificed. We need to adopt a holistic approach in leading our life as citizens and help each other to find happiness. Success will follow. Will hop on, soon:)

  2. Everyone has their own definition of success and mine is not based on material wealth. Obviously, one needs enough money to pay the bills and it’s true that many are stuck in jobs they dislike for that reason. In those cases, it is possible to find happiness outside of work. It’s been said that if you do what you love, success will come. 🙂 Bottom line? Happiness first! There was a line in a movie (can’t remember the name), where someone was talking about an easy-going type of guy who didn’t have a lot of money but always enjoyed life: “He was never a great success in business, but he knows how to succeed in life/”

    1. At times, we are in a catch 22 situation but in the end, our happiness will pave the way for success. Love the story you shared and I think he was more successful than the rest. Thanks for dropping, Debbie:0

    1. Happiness matters and it’s such small, mundane joy that keeps us going. I agree to that, not happy and rethink priorities that liberates us. I believe both work and relationships should be liberating:)

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