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#MondayMusings: Blog birthday and other personal stuff

The post is written as part of #MondayMusings – 13 July 2015 hosted on Write Tribe.


It’s been eight years today since a friend got me to register on the blog. I forgot the anniversary till wordpress sent me a notification and I was like WoW! It’s been eight years of blogging. The first post only came almost one month later on August 11 and it kick started on amchi Mumbai. It was the time, I didn’t know the alphabet of blogging, replete with grammar mistakes and typos. What a lame blogger, I’ve been. Totally mediocre. I say it with no false modesty. I’ll plan something special in August to celebrate the blog budday.


The past week has been filled with medical worry. It started last week when I felt an uneasiness near the abdomen, stomach and left part of the colon. It started getting mildly painful, travelling to the back and near the chest. It was scary. Today, I visited the hospital when I as prodded by Shruti, a colleague and sister in arm. The act of waiting at the hospital was scary in itself and it got worst with pain on the leg. The doctor examined me and asked to a do a BP and ECG check. I came back to him and he told that he is going to refer me to a heart specialist because of fast heart beat and asking if I am over stressed with things. I hit the panic button and he checked again, saying that things fine with the heart. But, if it continue to pain, to come back. Finally, he prescribed some gas-related pills since it’s one of the causes. I don’t keep up with food on time and need to be more disciplined. Health is wealth.

There were mild pain but fingers crossed. The doc advised to to exercise-which I hardly do, avoid fast food and cut down smoking-guilty on that count. It made me realize the sedentary life story we indulge in and it doesn’t cross our minds how vulnerable we can become with all sort of ailments. Was just chatting with a friend on Whatsapp on how we take things lying down and such things can get to us at a young age. Guess! I need to go for a second medical opinion and take necessary precautions. The whole idea of visiting Docs is so scary and have the blues for hospital. Nopes! Mom doesn’t know anything and unwilling to put extra burden on her since she took care of Dad who had high BP, heart related issues and he succumbed to it.

One should always keep up with medical check-ups and thankfully my BP was stable and first time, the medical equipment danced on my stomach and chest to check the heart beat. The past few months has been stressful in a way, career wise and need to be in better control of things that affect one’s life. Quite a few stress in such matter and the very thought of having some heart related woes scares one to death.

I shall keep you, peeps, posted on any update that happens in my life and looking ahead for better days. Thought of sharing the things in life and suggestions are welcome. I am alive and kicking, no matter what I shall be healthier than before, looking to reshape the body and be fit like an 18-year-old.

With Love




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31 thoughts on “#MondayMusings: Blog birthday and other personal stuff

  1. Please do take care, Vishal! As you mention, our current sedentary lifestyle and eating habits are the cause for this, but now that you know, I’m sure you will make changes!
    Happy anniversary to you and your blog!! I look on you as a friend and supporter of my blog! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Wow! 8 years of blogging journey! Wonderful! Kudos Vishal 🙂

    Regular health check-ups are a must. My hubby & I got ours done last month. I can take credit for that! I hate visiting the hospital for such tests, but they are a must.
    You take care! Lot of blogposts & blogging years await 🙂

    1. It’s been a long journey Anita and can’t believe it’s been for so long. I abhor hospital visits and yeah though it scares us, it’s good to be on the safe side of things. Thanks loads for the wishes:)

  3. You are like me! Skipping meals and no exercise! 😛
    But please do take care. Health is important. I’m also suffering ‘cos of all these idiotic habits. Fingers crossed! Hope to get in better shape. Take care. And pls do visit a doc for second opinion.
    Congrats on your 8yrs. Amazing!!! All the best 🙂

    1. Ya Shalinee and it’s not good when we don’t realize the sedentary life style we keep. Planning to ask for a second opinion asap. Thanks a lot and it’s been a long blogging journey.

  4. Congratulations on the anniversary and the beauty of blogging is we learn and grow. We all go through same experience.

    Do one thing – buy a BP monitor and check your BP and heartbeat. Keep a track. I do the same. My pulse rate is always high, but knowing what it is brings me some peace. And trust me gastric issue is much more complex that we normally think. Study how your body behaves with certain foods and eat what suits you. Take care!

    1. Thanks yaa and it’s a goo idea to keep track. Been feeling some pain in my leg, pining on the thumb for two days. So true, gas can affect the whole body and was told to cut on fast food as well:)

  5. Congrats Vishal for the anniversary of your precious blog!
    I am quite surprised to know about your eating habits. You must adhere to strict timingbs and eat wholesome food. Take care of your health.

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