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Asanskari moment, Alok Baba Nath gets naughty!

Sanskari Babu, Alok ‘Baba’ Nath will soon be seen garbing a new role and change his image among Tweeples. He is gunning to be the new menace in Hindi Films and change the way movie-goers look at him and roles played so far. Grapevines tells that the man is taking his new role seriously and will challenge the original bad man, Gullu. Sanskari Babu is going the Amir Khan way in preparing his reel roles into real, swearing at Tweeple. See, apna Ashirwad Baba is taking his role so seriously and wants to be the perfect baddy in the new venture to be made in Hinglish, ‘Not so Sanskari Alok..ek dum A’sanskari.’

The latest to bear his brunt was social activist, Kavita Krishan, whom the new A’sanskari Babu called, ‘Jail the Bitch.’ Baap re Baap! Alok Baba Nath! Itna serious ho gaye aap that you taking your new role so seriously that you are not sparing anyone. Have you posted your selfie or velfie, I am sure it will go viral! Hears that A’Sanskari Babu will soon turn into a rapper and now, peeps run away from the street or else apna Alok Babu will scare us on the streets. Now, who needs terrorists when Sanskari Babu turns into a rapper and start howling abuse. Next! He can aspire to play the main lead in Twilight, From Twitter to Twilight: The A’Sanskari Way.

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Image courstesy: Alok Nath on Twitter.

Guess, Alok Baba is bored of life and soap operas, standing in expensive Kurta-Pyjamas doling out blessings to the Bahu Ranis of his on screen families. Gallis and galis, the Sanskari Babu way, trolling on the deserted streets, preparing for his role and heard, they are trying to get another A’Sanskari dude to make the movie, Ram Gopal Verma. Just imagine the power combo of Ramu ki Aag and Alok Baba turning A’Sanskari.

Sanskari Babu turning devil, because he was heart broken with Twitter trolls making him perfect like Bhagwan ka Prasad and drinking Shuddh Desi Ghee. One day, A’Sanskari got drunk and started shouting on the streets, ‘See, I’m a cool dude. I can also have girl friends..remember Navneet Nishant made allegations at me when we were filming Tara. I can get drink and get rowdy on the highway. Of course, it’s an imagined dialogue from my imaginary movie that is raging in my head.

Oops! Not so A’Sanskari moments Alok Babu! Asanskari Babu serenaded by girls after 50 years in his rapper avatar. This is pure devotion, Babu-ji. How about Yana doing an item number for ‘Sanskari Babu zara dheere chalna, Alok Baba on the floor.’ You don’t need to take the role so seriously Sanskari Babu, swearing at people on Twitter coz we know you can be a cool rapper. At least, wait till your Sanskari moments in soap operas before you start pretending to be devilish. What you must be feeling now A’Sanskari Babu? Spell it out! I mean your Mann Ki Baat! Ashirwaad Paane aur Puniya Kamane ke liye!

PS: This is tale of fiction and imaginary, not-so-Sanskari. Imagined characters are alive and kicking like storm.



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8 thoughts on “Asanskari moment, Alok Baba Nath gets naughty!

    1. Ya! I swear and that’s the evil of net where they never bat an eyelid to do that. The most surprising thing is that it came from a very senior actor, who played the upright patriarch in many soap operas.

  1. Nicely presented with Sanskari as well as A’sanskari twists, Vishal. 😀
    Well, I’m curious to know the context. Plz try to embed tweet instead of its snapshot in posts. It’ll give the readers an opportunity to know the context & other dialogues by visiting the link.

    1. Hi Ravish, it goes like that when the activist took a dig at the PM, our Sanskari Babu called her a bitch. But, the tweet was immediate deleted when Alok Nath faced the wrath of peeps on Twitter.

  2. Hehehehe poor alok baba… what did he do!!! I don’t know why everyone get’s so abusive in Twitter. They need to chew their words before they spit it out.

    1. He referred to activist Kavita Krishnan, Jail the bitch. Me too, makes me wonder why they get so abusive and insulting, latest to bear the brunt is….Amartya Sen.

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