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Mera Maggi!

It was our 2 PM, my bad,a.m staple food! Meri Maggi. Ok, let me get it right, anyone who has been in India can never do without it, Not Without My Maggi! The halcyon students days, post the daaru party as our stomach craving for more, life in a hurry and too lazy to cook or go out, dear friend Maggi would come to the rescue. Sirf do minute, PM, Maggi showering love and affection. If Miss Maggi could have been our girl friend or soul mate, the most loyalist who would never leave us in the lurch.

Choo Kar Mere Mann Ko, Kiya Tune Kya Ishara..Miss Maggi. Maggi is banned! People who gorge on Maggi and miss it to death like me, will soon be banned. Wait! Is a sequence for Bipasha and Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate playing in my mind! Rivalry and all. Nopes! Screw my fertile imagination, thinking conspiracy and all. Why would the whole world gang up against Mere Maggi? Add salt to injury, aur takat wale Glucon-D is also sequestrated.

I am wondering what FSSAI was doing all these years, sleeping on their laurels. Imaging no testing, vesting the health of our Dear Maggi..Monosodium Glutamate, what’s that? FSSAI was singing, ‘Hawan Karenge, Hawan Karenge. Yeh Glutamate kya hai while we were singing Iloo Iloo to Maggi dearest. Just imagine FSSAI sleeping while we were relishing Maggi, our midnight friend, saving our life. Khane ka super hit formula serves us a lesson today when we think what has gone into our stomach. Our mind going viral courtesy control agency who were singing and dancing all these years, ‘Just Chill! Just Chill!

In this age of expensive fast food, Mera Maggi held its might as our loose pocket could afford dearest of the dearest and stocked in the kitchen for rainy and gloomy days. Ab Noodles ka kya hoka aur the old Hakka Noodles! Bamboo lagne wala, hai Bhai. Will it be banned from the street, dhaba or what! Eat healthy, Eat sense, babe. Yehi hai right choice. The temperature is soaring and it will rain heavily. Flooding happening all over. You know who is responsible? Of course, Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta. Why not? After all, it’s their fault na for not praying properly. See! They didn’t make asli choice, na.

On a serious note, it’s ridiculous to make celebs soft target for no fault of theirs. They say, discerning choice should be made when it comes to endorsing. Yeh AB aur Mads doctors hai kya that they should shoulder responsibility for every small thing that’s not ‘happening.’ Apun ka choice hai na if I decide to buy something or not, Kurkure ya Amul not because Amitabh, SRK, Mads or Deepika told me so. Just imagine I was a celebrity, no I am not, I know. I don’t consume soft drinks but wouldn’t refuse to endorse Mountain Dew, jumping from the plane like Salman or Akkie climbing the mountain. Garib ka char paise banne do na! I think I gonna endorse beef. I am just being practical, you see.

Don’t cry Mere Maggi. You wanna bet, you gonna adorn the shelves’s just a matter of time, all fizzle! Sab kuch Nalla hai, bhau, yeh duniya bhi dus numbri hai! Paisa bolta hai, sawaal hai Rs 3.800 crores ka!

Disclaimer: It’s a fun post and not justifying that people should eat or questioning the ban but just a fresh way, looking at the whole thing. Views doesn’t mean endorsement or justifying the heavy science terminology in the staple food.



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14 thoughts on “Mera Maggi!

  1. Good one, the humor is awesome, especially the hindi punches 🙂

    I love maggi though, have we ever wondered how much pesticides we take in with the food everyday…we should worry more about that first.

  2. maggi most probably was introduced in my teens, boy I just loved them! I so loved them that I used to eat them in tiffin, can you imagine! it looked like maida cake in yellow colour when I opened the lunchbox in tiffin hours its a miracle that I could digest it!

    1. I am in awe of Maggi with whom I had a tryst much later in life during my college days in Pune. Since then, it was a never ending love story and every time, I come to India, I take bundles of the. Not without my Maggi:)

  3. I love Maggi a lot! I am gonna eat up all the stock I have 🙂
    Even I thought of conspiracy theories the way the issue sprang up suddenly.
    What about all the eateries? Bet they are using MSG & other stuff that no one inspects…
    Hope it adorn the shelves soon. Looking forward, Vishal 🙂

    1. Fair point raised, Anita and I think it makes sense. If we look at food served in resto and dhaba, one can question and it’s something across the globe. What about big brands like KFC and makes me wonder whether it’s healthy!

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