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Review Tanu Weds Manu: Kangana’s double whammy act

Film Review

Tanu Weds Manu

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, R Madhavan, Jimmy Shergil, Swara Bhaskar, Deepak Dobriyal

Written by: Himanshu Sharma

Music: Surjrdb-Rdb Rythm Dhol Bass, Krsna, Tanishk, Vayu

Directed by: Aanand. L. Rai

Rating: Four Stars

Tanu Weds Manu at one glance

A highly successful sequel evokes dizzying expectation where very few films such as the Golmal franchise and Sarkar to a certain extent, were able to live up to the promises. Tanu Weds Manu returns comes back with a bang where Kangana Ranaut, both as Tanu and Datto, carries the film on her entire shoulders by stealing hearts of the viewers, wooing them from A to Z. In one word: a smash performance by the Queen in this double role and it wouldn’t be wrong to call her the Amitabh Bachchan of her films. Certainly, Kangana Ranaut as both Tanu and Datto, strikingly different from each other in appeal, characterization and dialogue, delivery is one of the contenders along with Deepika Padukone for the awards.

Tanu Weds Manu Returns is the story of Manoj Sharma (R Madhavan) and Tanuja Trivedi (Kangana Ranaut) who gets hitched. The film opens in a novel way, showcasing the marriage ceremony in the Uttar Pradesh belt with background of old Hindi movies song that gives a feel of the culture and tradition in the start. Quite a novel way by Aanand L Rai to start in this fashion. However, after four years, the world of Sharma-Ji and Tanu crashes with misunderstanding where both are heading for separation and enters the usual suspects Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal), Raju Awasthi (Jimmy Shergil), Tanu’s best friend and unique character Payal (Swara Bhaskar). Yes! There is a catch, Sharma-ji falls for the Haryanvi athlete Kusum Datto Sangwan.

As the camera roll, it’s without an iota of doubt that Tanu weds Manu belongs to Kangana Ranaut who carries the film on her shoulders, from start-to-finish and proves her versatility in the one-liners, emotional outburst and characterization both as Tanu and Datto. The Queen is simply fab and brilliant plays both characters. Kangana is flawless and plays the character to the hilt that you forget that you are watching the star but Tanu and Datto. The best thing about Kangana’s performance that through the nuances of characters played, there is no similarity between Tanu and Datto. As Datto, Kangana is simply fab and injects innocence, intensity and delivers the Haryani accent with aplomb. Her version of Tanu coupled with rebellious, streak, in your face attitude takes her earlier performance to another level which leaves a huge impact on the audience, swooning over her. The best thing is that you don’t find an inch of similarity between Tanu and Datto and you forget watching Kangana.  Kangana Ranaut is splendid in the movie and post Tanu Weds Manu 1, Queen and her latest offering, she is on an upswing and deserved accolades and awards in this author-backed role. She is truly phenomenal.

Kangana as Tanu and Datto. Downloaded at Google India.


R Madhavan as Manoj Sharma plays the humble doctor and the nuances in his character makes him play the second fiddle. That doesn’t mean that he is undeserving but plays his part competently. It’s amazing to see how R Madhavan can play a rebel perfectly, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and the loyal, sentimental lover, the boy-next-door in Tanu Weds Manu. Full credit to him. Deepak Dobriyal is hilarious as Pappi and his dialogues are amazing, Jimmy Shergil performs competently as Raju Awasthi so is Swara Bhaskar as Payal, though she has lesser screen presence. This is one minus point. Swara should have been given better screen presence as the side kick and her interaction with Tanu is missing. You feel something is lacking in the movie.


The one-liners in the movie heats up the quotient level and forms its USP that makes it a sure-shot winner, provoking a riot of laughter. Whether it’s, Halat dekhi hai? Adrak ho gaya hai ye aadmi. Kahin se bhi badh raha hai!….Haan toh? Shaadi se pehle Hrithik Roshan tha kya?”, “Kya Sharma Ji, hum thode bewafaa kya huye, aap toh baddchallan ho gaye…,  Itni happening life thi meri India mein, jhand kar di hai is aadmi ne meri zindagi or Kya sex sex, akhri baar 2013 mein hua tha woh bhi Bhai Dooj ke din!”, one asks for more.

Final words:

Tanu Weds Manu Returns bears the mark of Aanand L Rai who brings the desi flavor of Uttar Pradesh alive and vibrant in the movie. He should be credited for such crisp narration, holding the movie alive with the hilarious moments and makes the audience glued to their seats. The music is catching whether Old School Girl, Banno and Move on. Rai deserves applause for extracting the best for Kangana and the rest of the cast, giving his heroine one of the best roles in her career as an actor. An award winning performance where justice is fully done by Kangana in this author backed role. You cannot stay away from this mesmerizing rom-com.





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14 thoughts on “Review Tanu Weds Manu: Kangana’s double whammy act

  1. Madhavan is super cool! I love his acting, always have, as for Kangana I am so glad that she is getting the recognition she so deserves. I have admired her since bhandarkar movie about models where she just outshone priyanka chopra without even trying!

    1. He’s a brilliant actor and high time she gets the recognition. Fashion was decent and have few issues with the film portraying cliche in a way. Priyanka, Kangana and Mugdha were good in their own way. Btw, did u know that Kangana played a real life person, famous model of 90s, Gitanjali Nagpal, found begging in 2007 at Mumbai airport?!

  2. I loved every thing about 2nd part , even Payal’s screen presence was apt. She is trying to fight her own demons which is subtly shown . I loved each and every aspect and now addicted to Music
    Hail kangana and this review totally resonates with me (y) 🙂

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