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Dare2Stare Challenge: Do you have it in you?!

Life challenges us during the rough times and the video Dare2Stare does exactly that, urging us to look deep into our inner self and perhaps to do a lil’ bit of soul-searching. The inner beauty is something that we may not be able to see through our eyes but felt by our senses.

There will be days, months and phase during the year where things may not exactly goes as per our wishes. We may curse the world, our economic situation or destiny but here’s the catch. Our untoward situation is only challenging us to overcome the tide and not be confined and nestled to our bed, our homely comfort. It’s only by pushing self to the edge that we are able to explore untapped potential that lies inside us as human beings. The pledge for a better world, viewing people as human beings first and not as belonging to different gender, class, sex or religion is the change I want to see in me as a human being. In a world, ingrained with prejudices, I want to see the change in myself first before preaching to the world. I can be the change by giving light to someone and exist through his or her soul when I leave this world. I have pledged to donate my eyes as part of the campaign.

Blindness is an ever growing issue that so many face in the world and in India alone, there are more than 2.5 lakhs people who can’t get a vision of the world  and for every eye donated, there are two cornea blind people who can see the world through you. There are 2.5 children who suffer from eye problems and getting glasses is a luxury in some quarters not just in India but many parts of the world.

We always speak of making a difference to the world and it can start in our surrounding to give us fulfillment as human beings. In a world where we believe in human aspirations, hope and positive vibration cum energy, kindling change for the human triumph over defeat is the biggest victory one can contribute to. The world is linked by a chain of human souls and one act of goodness can multiply by zillions to make the world a better place. There are quakes, people are starving to death due to hunger and illness and heat is taking innocent lives. A small act can overturn the situation. Donate your eyes, be alive when the body perish and make someone see the beauty of life through your eyes.

I have pledged to donate my eyes. Have you?! Don’t blink. Log on on DARE2STARE, an initiative of Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital.

Spread love N cheerz


Disclaimer: I have not been contacted by the hospital but decided to do my bit after being urged by many posts from bloggers.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

9 thoughts on “Dare2Stare Challenge: Do you have it in you?!

    1. Thanks lot Baawri Basanti aka Saru I am glad to see u here. Love those words. It’s something we need to endorse and why carry eyes in the grave when we can donate to give someone vision:)

  1. Organ donation ..need of the society . Every moment numerous bodies get burnt up or buried just the way they are, missing out the chance of living a new life again in a new form. Great post.
    Thank you Vishal for your beautiful and encouraging words on my bog posts 🙂 It makes my day 🙂

    1. Welcome Doc, I am enjoying ur stories loads. I strongly believe that the moment we take rest and watch the world, we can contribute for a better society and stay alive:)

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