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Re-blogged from A to Z Challenge: D for Devil’s Love

Today, I re-blog Letter D for Devil’s Love, which I wrote on Day 4 for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2015. Hope you enjoy the post.

D for Devil’s love

She loved with passion and could not bear the separation. The innocent girl lived with anguish for ten years yet she remained flawlessly beautiful. Her love for him grew more intense and pure as every single day passed. Tears rolled down her cheek, thinking how he always loved her and can’t even think of being unfaithful to her. He rejected the advances of damsels in distress, sizzling hot women ever ready to pounce themselves on him. She decided it was time to act.
The time has come for them to unite and conquer time and fate. No power on earth could stop them from being together again and she knew that she had to impersonate a living being, donning the garb of the unknown, another beautiful face.
They crossed each other’s path in the business meeting and she felt sad to see him aloof and withdrawing from the world. She wanted to tell him, “It’s just me. We are so close and why are you creating this distance between us?” But, she was powerless. It took her a year to slowly become close to him, the time he realized that he found a genuine friend and confidant.
One day, she mustered courage and asked, “What’s bothering you? I am a friend and share your worries with me.  Please don’t harm yourself or else, you will destroy the person that you have always been. You don’t consider me to be a friend.”
He hesitated but finally broke into tears, telling her about Saloni. He cried and she hugged him, thinking, “If only you knew I am with you and has never gone anywhere.”
She invited him to her house and kept the light dim in the dining room. The delicacies were laid on the tray and red wine was poured in the white glasses.  It was time to reveal herself and she smiled in a seductive manner, “Amar! You are my Amar. I am Saloni.”
Amar took a sip of wine and protested, “What rubbish is this? I hate this joke. You know na, Saloni, died when our car crashed at Lonavla.”
She revealed her true form to him, the way he saw her when they left in the heavy monsoon to their best friend’s wedding.
Amar felt a sensation in his throat, tearing his life into pieces as the poison spread into his body. Saloni held his hand and gently caressing his forehead, “It’s okay, baby. I have come to take you with me. It’s a matter of time, the pain suffered for years will be over and we will make our way into heaven.”

Ten years ago:

Amar and Saloni walked together towards their car. He held her by the waist and she shone in her black sari like star in the sky. They held hands in the car, occasionally stealing glances like teenage lovers. As the car rushed towards Lonavla, it started raining mercilessly and Amar tried to apply the break at the sight of the truck speedily coming in their way. He lost control and the car cascaded inside the deep gorge. The vehicle was crushed and caught fire. Amar and Saloni clutched to each other tightly. He woke up after two days in the hospital, partially losing his memory. It took him three months to recollect that his life fell apart and got a shock when he learned that his fiance died on the spot. Little did he know that his Saloni would come one day to take him in a beautiful and perfect world. They walked hand in hand, sharing happiness in the perfect world they always dreamed about.



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