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Reblogging from A to Z April Challenge: E for Eno

Today, I re-blog Letter E for Eno, an endearing story of friendship between a young boy and his pet Eno which I wrote for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2015. Hope you enjoy the post.

E for Eno

Little Ravish was confined to the four walls of his plush bungalow which offers all the riches in the world but seeing his parents would be a luxury. The parents led a hectic life, running against time during the day in office and partying till late night, networking for business and contract with celebrities and politicians. Occasionally, the mom would cuddle Ravish late at night who would turn his back on her, in irritation. The five-year-old had no friend at school and lived in his own world, refusing to play with kids his age during the recreation but walked alone. Speaking to the wall was his favorite past time.
One day, Eno was brought home and the moment he saw Ravish, he went on the latter’s trail, following him inside the room to break his silence, tears, anger and sadness conveyed by his eyes. It took Eno a long time to become the only friend of the five-year-old Ravish and allowed him to forget his miseries and longing for his parents’ presence at home. All he could think at school was his little pet and once he got off the car, he would push the door open to fling his bag on the floor. He shouted, “Eeeenoo!!!!!! Eno would lick his feet and this earned him a gentle brotherly caress from Ravish.
Their eyes conveyed expression of love and friendship, watching TV together and speaking inside the room. Ravish become so happy and lively overnight, a far cry from the time he would brood and shed tears. The innocent voice caressed the fur of Eno, “Dey are not here, Eno. I dont miche (miss) dem. After all, I have you.” Ravish hugged Eno tightly.
Eno became the life of Ravish and both became inseparable like lost friends. When Ravish would leave for school, Eno would bark ferociously telling him not to go and Ravish would wave bye to Eno with his tiny fingers. Ravish would hug Eno on his bed and the pet licking his face.
Ravish would share his day at school, “I hate skool. I wanna be with you. Dey are never hoome and don’t hav’ time for us. It’s okay!! Eno!!!! You are myyyy onleee friend. I don’t need anyone.”
“Shoo!,” He place his hand on the mouth of Eno. “Lishen (Listen) I can hear der footsep and voice. They are here inside the house. Let’s not make noise and be good boyzzz.” The dog would not protest, understanding that the parents have come back home. It was past midnight. Eno would jump from the bed and pretend to sleep in a corner inside the room and Ravish closing his eyes, listening to the parents.
“I think both of them are sleeping. It’s good we brought, Eno home and the dog is giving him company. Or else, it would have taken a toll on our lives and parties. When he grow up, he would understand that we are doing everything for him and he doesn’t lack anything in life, servants, toys, food and car,” the father said. The Mom nodded in approval.


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2 thoughts on “Reblogging from A to Z April Challenge: E for Eno

  1. I had that type of bonding with Misha, she entered my life when I was going through too many teenage turmoils 😉 and she became the balm! boy! I was not the angel to her but she was!

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