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Re-blogging: Short Romantic Stories (B-Babe Hitched)

Hey folks,

April has been pretty hectic for me with the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge where we wrote prompt on the challenge starting from the letters A to Z for 26 days. I choose ‘Short Romantic Stories’ as my theme. I am on a break for 20 days but the blog will be updated by re-blogging few of what I feel are the ‘best posts’ I wrote and few interviews of authors lining up. Here sharing with you few of my posts which I wrote on my second blog which you can check here.

Here, the first series which I am sharing with you and re-blogging on Letter B. Do tell me what do you think:

B-Babe Hitched

Anjali was a head turner in college and she derived pleasure in seeing self-claimed lovers pursuing her to no end. She enjoyed the attention and when they would approach her, she would ruthlessly turn them down. They realized that she is beyond their league.

The head turner was oblivious of the silent and brooding lover who followed her everywhere. Rahul always wore his expensive cologne, Levis Jeans and Dolce& Gabanna tee to work magic on his lady love. He thought, “They tell Anjali is a dil todne wali machine (heart breaker). Why shouldn’t I take a chance? I believe in myself and when the time is right, I will ask her out and she will be mine forever.”
Sitting in the campus for hours, Rahul waits for Anjali with bated breath and the moment she walks past him, she runs her finger on her curly hair. Rahul goes in a dream world, romancing Anjali in the world of illusion.
One day, Anjali walked towards Rahul and shook his hand, “Hi I am Anjali. Actually, I need a favor from you. You know, I have my dance classes and am not able to attend lectures. Would it be fine if you can pass me your notes?” Rahul couldn’t believe his luck and stammered, “Y-E-S. O-F C-O-U-R-S-E.” He was aware of the jealous eyes preening nd silently cursing him.
It took no time for Anjali and Rahul to become good friends and they would often sneak out of classes, to sit in coffee houses, speaking about almost anything. It took no time for Rahul to fall in love with Anjali, admiring her and found everything about her cute and flawless.
She would hug him on hearing the shy compliment and gave him a peck on his cheek, “Cho Chweet, Rahul.” The lover was almost convinced that Anjali is in love with him and has already made plans to propose her on the last day in college. He would surprise her after exams, taking her to Barista and  hint the waiters to bring a huge heart-shaped cake with a ring hidden inside.
It was the last day of exams and the lover boy was less worried about exams but more about proposing to Anjali. He dashed at Archies and bought a huge red card marked with a gold-shaped heart, scribbled, ‘I love you.’ He nicely tucked the card inside his backpack.
He was sitting on the stairs inside the lush campus when Anjali walked in. She gave him a tight embrace and noticed that Rahul was hyper. “Hey! Chill, it’s just an exam but there is a surprise for you. It’s a big day. So, let’s go and screw the exams.”
Both of them walked inside the exam hall and after three hours, Anjali smiled, “Hey! the paper was good na.” Rahul cheered and gave her a high five. “I wasn’t expecting such an easy paper.”
Anjali assured him, “I am sure both of us will score a distinction. Listen! Let’s go to Barista.” It seems Rahul’s plan is working and was convinced that Anjali got a hint and was just playing around, waiting for the proposal.
“You know Rahul. Today is the last day in college and you are my only guy friend. You are my best friend. I need to show you something. Surprise,” she shouted as she removed a shiny blue envelope from her bag.
“What is that?” Rahul asked.
“See for yourself,” she prodded him. “Ok! wait! let me open it. It’s my wedding card and I am getting married to Akash. I was so happy Dad agreed. You know, we’ve known each other since childhood.
Rahul didn’t know where to look and suppressed his disappointment with a fake a smile, “Babe hitched.”
With Love


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4 thoughts on “Re-blogging: Short Romantic Stories (B-Babe Hitched)

  1. poor boy! you know recently I was watching a series in that a woman said a thousand dollar thing to another, this younger woman a rich girl was doing exactly what Anjali was doing, playing with Rahul’s romantic advances, the woman told her that she should refrain from doing that because it is not a glorious method of getting things!

      1. then it is ok. sometimes people give all the indirect hints but when directly approached they change colours like chameleons! seen too many of them, have met two in real life 😉 as love interests (I really have amazing choice of lovers! sometimes I congratulate myself for my fantastic choice of human beings in past).

      2. Yeps. it does happen and harmless flirt in also acceptable as long as it doesn’t harm both parties. I am grateful for wonderful people in ma life, too:)

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