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In conversation with author Shikha Kumar: Shreya is the girl next door

Today, the blog features author Shikha Kumar of ‘He Fixed The Match, She Fixed Him’. The book has garnered positive reviews from both critics, readers and the media. HFMSFM is a different romantic love, as Shikha puts it. The author holds  a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi works as a Manager with Tata Consultancy Services. She has traveed and worked in different countries. She enjoys travelling, reading, writing and watching movies. Shikha wrote pieces such as ‘Rightly Nailed’ on Times of India blog,is a relationship expert on and contribute articles to iDiva and Uth-Time.

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In the blog interview, author Shikha Kumar confesses of being a big Hindi movies fan and speaks about the India behind HFMSFM as well as nuances in her characters. To know more about the author, click on the links:

Author Shikha

Hope you enjoy it.

Blog Interview; Author Shikha Kumar

‘My character Shreya is the girl next door’

It’s the season of love: He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him comes as tale of Hindi movies masala entertainment meeting rom-com. Have you always been a huge movie buff  and do you think novels and movies can complement each other?

Bollywood at heart since birth – you caught me red-handed here. Yes of course, if novel makes visualization as good as a movie, it’s the biggest compliment an author can get. My love story is tickling people’s heart and triggered positive thoughts about relationships – there’s no way I could have done it without making my book entertaining and engrossing enough to keep readers engaged.

How was the concept born where you draw reference to arranged marriages, suspense and the Indian culture with the famous ‘Karwa Chauth’ which is ‘passe’ among the new generation?

For the sake of writing different, lot of irresponsible writing is happening these days. My book touched on a few cliche but I managed to do it with conviction. Love in a marriage is unrelated to which kind of marriage (love or arranged) it is for us.  I choose to write arranged marriage over love to make the need for love even more desperate. There were many sub-plots that won’t have gone well with the main protagonists, who are familiar to each other.

Was HFMSFM drawn from some real life incident? I mean, is there anyone who has been through similar incidents, where you added your own personal touch to it?

Yes and No. Yes it’s inspired from real life but made in disagreement with few incidents around. If we try to subside our egos and altercations like Shreya and Kunal did, even two enemies can make a beautiful love story.

Your main protagonist Shreya appears to be weak in the start but ultimately emerge as the strongest. How did you add nuances to her character who won the heart of her man in a subdued manner?

My Shreya is an everyday girl and the girl’s next door. Few unromantic people pointed out that why didn’t she walk out of marriage after realizing Kunal’s cruel plans. But she isn’t afraid or weak but is actually a believer Most of the girls I meet around are optimistic about  a beautiful future and are constantly making attempts towards it. Shreya represents those positive girls who can turn the world around and not those who are propagating “My Choice” kinda theory just for the heck of it.

What are you currently working right now and can your fans expect another rom-com or for that matter, experimenting with a new genre?

Yes of course. Under all likelihood, my next book should hit the stands in December this year.

Did you always wanted to write and become an author? What does writing means to you?

No, I never aspired to become an author. It just happened in a moment and the rest followed in what I call a lifetime journey. For me, writing gives me peace more than anything else. I’m enjoying every bit of it. making new friends, receiving compliments for my work, discussing marital and woman issues with young adults. Writing is helping me do all that I always wanted to do.

What are the books you enjoyed reading as a child and during your teens?

I’ve never been an avid reader. I still am not. I base my choice on recommendation. Now, I read my fellow authors’ book at times because they have given me tremendous support.



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