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Prayer for peace, cherish moments in life ‪#‎NepalQuake‬

Cry of despair!

Buildings crumbling into dust and debris.

Humans stuck beneath huge pillars, struggling between life and death, in agony and despair.

Clouds of dust reminisce of human lives perishing under towering pillars.

It’s the call of ruthless nature wrecking havoc on our existence.

A grim reminder on the price paid by innocent humans beings, men and women, young and old, small babies.

Disturbing scenes surrounding our existence as we watch in our cocoon,

how life can tragically stop to a halt.

The price of human lives, soaked in blood and buried into dust and ashes, can be given so cheaply.

Oh! Mother Nature! Have some pity and stop this madness unfurling itself in destroying human race.

How many times shall you remind us,

our lives is priceless!

Everything comes at a price and let off so easily.

Hath no fury!

Life can be uncertain,

live every moment as if there is no tomorrow.

Cherish our friendship and love for there can be no bigger treasure than human beings.

We have a heart to fall in love, dream big and live every single moment of life.

Don’t wait for tomorrow,

say I love you now, kiss passionately and don’t let the moments of togetherness die.

Tell your parents, siblings, friends and lovers how much you care and adore them.

Make the phone call away from home and the seas to tell your friends and loved ones how much you miss and care for them.

Don’t let the moments of togetherness slip away from one’s hands.

Care for the child and the stranger longing for your kindness, companionship and shoulder.

Brighten the day of someone with a smile and kind words.

Don’t let a moment of anger shoot words that will pierce heart that will never heal and mend broken relationships.

Beautiful past shall never come back,

make memories of a life well spent every single day.

Tomorrow shall never come.

Be compassionate towards fellow humans.

Spread love with fragrance of beautiful flowers.

Sending wishes to the people of Nepal & part of India who lost everything, belongings, loved ones, memories in the earth quake.

Silent moments to innocent children and beings who bowed down to the fury of nature.


With Love


PS: It’s depressing to see so many people dying, losing their homes and buildings collapsing. It’s a reminder how life is short and we should never shy away from making memories, be lovable human beings and enjoy every moment in life cum treasuring our relationships and friendships. I called a friend in Nepal who was me in college yesterday and relieved that he is safe with wife and children. Trying to get in touch through social network with few class mates, friends and former colleague. Wish that they are safe and my thoughts go to them.

I am putting links so that you can try to get in touch with your loved ones with whom you lost all communications. Hope it helps:

India Times



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16 thoughts on “Prayer for peace, cherish moments in life ‪#‎NepalQuake‬

    1. I think that since Day 1, India is giving a lot of help in terms of rescue, air force and food. The whole world should come together and hope Nepal will stand on its feet.

      1. you know I don’t read/watch news since 1/1/15, so pardon my lack of knowledge, actually I have not even known it (cant say I would have been sorry) but a friend of mine from USA wrote me half a dozen mails, so I googled once- that is it… you know your friend is chicken-hearted, right?

      2. I have a tendency of becoming morbid when I read morbid things… so… yesterday I went out to shop, I encountered upon a newspaper stand, I was just thinking I will ask the guy if he delivers at home then I saw the headline about “Damini murder case” and decided that I am far better off without these negativity in my life.

  1. This reminds us that life is so uncertain and that we need to live our lives fully savoring every moment ,with thankfulness and love. I pray that God may give the victims and their families the strength to face the difficult times ahead.

    1. Thanks so much, Roshni and all the encouragement that you always give. Let’s spare a thought for all those who died and lost their everything in Nepal and India.

  2. That was very thoughtful of you. It was damn frightening even though what I experienced was much lesser than the actual earthquake. It is disheartening to see Nepal in such state. Hope they recover soon.

    1. Thanks a lot. It was devastating and so depressing, Anupama. What Nepal need, I feel, is our prayers, best wishes and compassion. I cannot even watch the visuals on Tv and makes me so sad.

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