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In conversation with Ankita Sharma, author of ‘The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories.’

In conversation with ANKITA SHARMA:

Ankita Sharma based in Faridabad , Haryana is making her debut with a collection of short stories, The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories.’ A passion for writing, reading and sketching, she loves nature and is very fond of animals. In conversation, Ankita Sharma, whose sketch works appeared on cover pages of few titles and run Humming words Publishers, that provides a platform for authors, she speaks to us about her debut book and her love for writing as well as why the MBA that she is doesn’t see herself in the corporate world.  Ankita blogs here

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Author Ankita Sharma

‘The Wedding Trousseau and other short stories is about unshared emotions’

 1. Tell us what your debut book ‘The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories’- is all about?

‘The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories’ is a collection of 11 short stories inspired from various aspects of life and relationships. Some are inspired from real life incidents and people. Small things of day to day life as well as unsaid and unshared emotions sometimes envelop deepest feelings. This book is an attempt in digging deeper and expressing them in story forms.

 2. Tales of love and romance is the flavor of the season. Why did you choose a collection of short stories while you could have made a debut with a romance novel?

There are many reasons for that. Firstly, I wanted to do something different; making a debut with romantic fiction has become way too common. Secondly, personally speaking, I have a liking for short stories and would prefer them to novels any day.

 3. You are also the brain behind Humming Words Publishers, a platform that supports budding authors. How difficult is it for a newbie like me, for instance, to get published these days when I don’t carry a household name like Chetan Bhagat, Anuja Chauhan or Amish Tripathi?

Getting one’s book published is not difficult. However, the crux lies in making it popular so that your writing ‘clicks’ with readers.

4. Everyone is going the e-way to get published on account of the huge costs of printing materials. Do you think it’s a huge risk for an author to go the printing way in getting one’s name published and how does one cover costs?

Personally, I have no liking for e-books and I prefer only paperback. It is not a risk as a printed book remains forever, unlike the e-material which is far less convenient and lasting, and it gives an altogether different feel. The costs are not too high.

5. When did you start Humming Words Publishers and what was the idea behind starting the website?

 The website site came up in 2010. The main idea was to provide a platform to all those wishing to get their work, not only fiction but other things like portfolios, brochures, personal photo-books and academic works published and distributed. I started this venture out of my love for books and literature.

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The book, The Wedding Trousseau and Other Short Stories/copyrights Ankita Sharma

 6. You also blog on Humming Words where you write fiction and Haiku, among many. What role has blogging played in your life and how it helped you to become an author?

Blogging has played a pivotal role in my life and has helped me immensely in exploring new writing styles of verse and prose as well as to think in a creative way. Blogging has helped me to a very great extent in developing writing as a passion.

 7. What is next in line to woo your readers after your first book?

Most probably a book of poetry or may be another volume of short stories. I have always enjoyed writing verses in various formats like Haiku, Limericks and also, I think I may go for a title of poetry as my next book.

 8. You are an MBA and did your post grad into Fashion Management at NIFT. How does someone from B-School decided to embrace creative writing when you could have raked the moolah in corporate world?

 I wanted to be my own boss and the idea of being in a job is not appealing to me. Also, my inclination for literature made me enter the world of writing. Publishing and writing, for me, go hand in hand and give me the satisfaction no corporate job or life could have given to me. These days, most people especially young professionals are taking to entrepreneurship, which is a good sign. Also, more people are writing novels, which is another good thing!

9. What do you think is more difficult to write: short stories or a novel?

I think it’s writing a novel.

 10. Give our readers an insight where you draw ideas from and how much time you take to write in a day cum secret in sketching characters?

I muse upon an idea or a situation and write it down when I feel the story is taking a concrete form in my mind. As such, the timings are neither fixed nor regular. I write as and when I feel like. I think, one cannot write within a fixed framework or rules, for creative flights cannot be rushed and they soar at their own will.

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