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Snippets of life

Hey folks,

April been super crazy and hectic for me. From missing your blog posts to super hectic work and participating in the April A to Z blogging challenge on the other blog, I just disappeared from the scene and Facebook. I ain’t kidding but things has been a roller-coaster ride with so many things happening in life. I miss reading your blogs and leaving comments. Trust me, it’s entirely my loss.

I’ve been missing on books piling in the room and just yesterday, went on to buy few more, Rudyard Kipling Tim, PG Wodehouse French Leaf and NewsRoom Live on the life of young journalists in Metro City. I’ve been reading on Kindle on my I-pad during the bus journey which is the only time I can afford to read. But, I miss the pleasure of reading amazing paper back which is bliss but high time to get back at it. It’s something that grabbed my eye balls in the bookshop considering that it’s my field. I am sure many of you know the feeling, right. Yet! Another busy week shaping up and seeing the weekend slipping out of thin air. It’s been a mammoth task to update this blog with the posts coming and many ideas that are lost in translation.

It’s been a crazy April with so many things happening and old hopes cum dreams re-kindling in this mystery called life. There was the marriage proposal that I laughed at last time that our ‘Acharya’ brought home. Mom, being who she is, informed me which I took lightly and she started with me, telling how the time I’ll grow old, girls will reject me. Haha! In my prime 30s, guess I am already old. Haha!! I wanna tell her. And, I thought that she has lost all hopes on me which works perfectly. The last time I vehemently rejected a proposal is four years back. So! Getting hitched and all is not in my dictionary. How I hate those nosy acquaintances and family getting more worried about me being married than the man, himself! Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hain kehne. The truth is that I am not ready to tie the knot and for the time being, I am enjoying my independence plus I have other priorities, to explore greener pastures and be back for good in Mumbai. This is where my life is, Mumbai. There is no way I am getting hitched any time soon since it will make things go haywire in life. One thing I don’t understand is that how people believe that not being married makes one alone and lonely. It’s bullshit. One can be happy and being much an evergreen bachelor. What say, gals and guys?! That doesn’t mean I am not open to dating and being in a relationship. I am single and ready to mingle considering that it’s been long I dated. It was the ex- and quite a painful break-up. She has moved on and so am I! S is now settled in US, at least what was brought to me.

Movies has always been the first love of my life. It’s after ages that I managed to watch some movies this week. Saturday night, I watched Bang Bang which is utter crap and nonsense. I can’t still make out how Katrina Kaif can be called an actor, expressionless and dumb. Her Hindi sucks and for someone who stayed in India for 11 years, well! well! I am not saying that my Hindi is good but, ahem! ahem! Hrithik’s performance is the movie didn’t make me breathless or speechless, he was just average. Today, was a respite and I finally watched Haider, a brilliant movie with mind-blowing performances from Shahid Kapur and the power house of energy called Tabu. Me think Haider is Shahid’s best after a long time, it was Kaminey!

There was time when eyes twinkled with dreams to make it big in the film industry. I aspired to be like Mahesh Manjrekar, a film director and doing character roles in B-World, the time I assisted friends and hanging at Film Television Institute of India (FTII). Naturally, destiny has something different for me and got into journalism by a stroke of luck. Those days the aspirations are touching the nerves in my body and dunno why to fulfill aspirations. I was watching the interview of Ali Fazal, a good friend and hostel companion in Churchgate, Mumbai, the down-to-earth dude always in shorts and guitar during his Xavier’s Days and doing theater. It warmed the heart to watch him being himself in the interview and there is no starry or fake airs. He is still the same person, I knew during those halcyon days. Being himself, somehow he is providing fodder for dreams. One should never abandon dreams, though I confess the heart is filled with regrets for missing the train of ‘trying’ to make it big. It reminds me that perhaps it’s time to re-work on the scripts of short films that got lost in translation.

This post is getting longish and time to push off. Give me some love on the other blog for the challenge I am taking part this April:

I shall take two weeks sabbatical from the blog but some authors/blogger interviews will line up so that you don’t miss me:)  I am dying for a break and go on a holiday this December. Let’s see.





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  1. Good to hear from you Vishal. I was wondering where you had gone off to. All the best with your work. Remember to take periodic breaks and hang around on my blog. 😛

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