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Tune of love

Crazy, stupid love.

Calf and juvenile love.

Sensitive heart breaking all barriers and boundaries,

to chase love of his life.

Beauty and love has no limit,

burning in the fire of hell,

swayed by emotions to ignite the immature heart.

It was the season of emotional storms and age of innocence.

Lured by beauty and madness of love.

Passion of the heart, stringing a new new tune.

You’ll know when it happens,

bells tickling in the heart.

A song heard from the afar,

the tune of love.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

23 thoughts on “Tune of love

  1. one should never regret for loving! it is those who abuse or cant love should regret that they have ignored the most beautiful thing in world!

    love is love, and it just happens, even the wisest wo/men cant control its impish ways!

      1. love cant be bad, it can be abused, bad love is not love, it is passion or obsession 😉

        love I think is pure, very pure, you know my romantic history, I don’t regret falling for those rogues/ghouls/monsters- I did what came to me naturally, they did what they were meant to do, but in the end love made me smarter/wiser (not bitter but stronger)

  2. free love? what is that? the one that rises above expectation of reciprocation and lets go when it knows it is not working?

    because I believe love certainly needs reciprocation to continue… at least mine does, I move on, I don’t think I am much of a believer of one sided love from my side heh heh… I give up and move on! don’t try to make anyone/someone love me… that is better for my own heart, and she is the one I care about most I guess!

      1. Love certainly wants reciprocation, may linger around a bit, hoping for reciprocation but love is not possessive, at-least mine is not, never was, when I have loved I have seen most of the copybook symptom of pure love but it was never “capturing the lover in iron-fist”! 😉

        Of course when you are in love you will like to keep that person in your life, get jealous if s/he is paying someone else too much attention, is that possessiveness?

      2. I’ve learned it the hard way. I have absolute no expectations from a relationship cuz it hurts. So, I was in a process of healing and now I take things easy:)

      3. Well I am quite possessive in love 😉 I give all (may be more than all) and don’t compromise with less, but I don’t harass I just walk away after being sure that the feeling is one sided and walk away without any regret, I don’t blame that person for “not loving” or curse myself for “Choosing”- I don’t give a hoot after I walk away, there are lot of lovable persons, if cupid has plans for you one will reciprocate, otherwise life is not that bad without a lover, is it?

        I enjoy every single day!

      4. Makes sense to me. But I no longer believe to the possessive kind and realized in the end that both need their space, being with different set of people, doing their own things. I can easily disconnect. Love the last line bout not giving a hoot.

      5. by possessive I did not meant “allowing to breathe only inside a tight fist” type of possessive 😉 I meant “one love at a time”, honestly I certainly wont like to be the “only interest” in my spouse’s life or be the “only interest” in his life, that will be extremely annoying for me, because I want a lot of “me” time but I certainly will rather be “the only love interest” in his life because he will be that in my life, or else I will kick him out of my life 😉

        by possessive I meant that! possessing the heart and certainly body as a lover.

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