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Political trolls and freedom to ban

Mrs De villified! The trolls gonna sing the same song and be the rapper, ‘Tis Maharashtra! Ooh! la! la! We protest to get in limelight! Shukriya Shobha-ji! Mee Marathi Mazaa! Mee Boltoy! One, two three! Let’s rap! The Sainiks doing a rap song and doling kindness, a box of Vada Pav for free to Shobha De’s home. Hey! Political trolls, you always deny that child on the street a single Vada Pav, leaving them to starve right!!!! Mind that hunger-starved child, who looks at you with eyes filled with hope at the traffic signal and you will push them, looking down at them. Kasa ahes, Shiv Sena!

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Attack on Marathi culture, wah wah! How does forcing a film down the throat makes it an insult to the beautiful Maharashtrian culture? Hey you there! Send me some beef to munch on. In the Mumbai, all over India, we are the Bhai, We are the Bhai. Jai Maharashtra! Cosmopolitan Mumbai lost in translation, courtesy Shiv Sena. Freedom of expression and artistic liberty! What’s that, ask Shiv Sena? Must be rocket science in their political dictionary and brand regionalism. Going on rampage destroying art gallery, stalling movies, beating lovers on Valentine Day, that’s the way. Come on! Sing a new song. No wonder,Shiv Sena has stopped making sense nowadays. Or are they? Singing the same all song or catching the fish with the bait that doesn’t bite.

Dada Giri! The Sainik way to protest against someone airing her opinion on something creative like films is a lame muscle power to grab limelight. Yeah! Right! The Assembly election has served no lesson to Shiv Sena, it seems and any Tweet is good enough reason to ban someone. Now, this post should be banned. Privilege motion against Shobha De in Maharashtra Assembly makes one shudder on how stupidity doesn’t kill or murder someone. It’s like giving an opinion on Facebook or making a movie and getting arrested for that. Shiv Sena and the hordes of extremists Hindus not just in India but across the globe are very inspired nowadays by muscle power, hitting at every human being and the non-sensical arguments are always bang on-an attack on our culture-be it PK or beef. It’s an argument that works big time politically, isn’t it? Where is the mileage? The dwindling of Sena’s support over the years only seems to be something to be taken seriously? Oh! Sena! Apart from protests, what have you done for the ‘commoners’ read Marathi Manoos and Maharashtrians? Empowering your people or helping them get job! Of course, you empower but vilifying celebrities who are soft target, yeah! That’s the way to go.

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Shobha De must be smiling at the largesse of Sena in giving her ‘free publicity’ every single day. How I wish I was in Ms De’s place!!! Nah! Just kidding, Sainiks.Tula Kai Paije, I wanna ask. Ho!

Make no mistake: I love watching Marathi movies who has really come of age and believe regional cinema and artists should be promoted in India. But, to protest against someone for some tweets or an opinion and banning the same is ridiculous. The cosmopolitan Maharashtra or Mumbai, doesn’t deserve such treatment by making a land hijacked by political trolls. Nako! Nako! Is youth leader, Aditya Thackeray listening?! Kai re! Aditya, Pasaporta ahe ka!

Jai Maharashtra

Mee (Videshi) Mumbaikar






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8 thoughts on “Political trolls and freedom to ban

  1. i completely support Shobha De’s point of view and I thing Shiva Sena needs a chill-pill. Violence is not the answer to everything. The arrival of BJP has given such forces a boost and these are very negative for unity in the long run.

    1. Agree Ankita. That’s the point and makes me wonder what’s happening to freedom of expression. Nothing should be forced down the throat and true such extremists groups are given a leash of life to spread havoc.

      1. exactly, that is why I loathe modi, even his very face makes my blood boil, he may have become sadhubaba after butchering innocents during Gujarat massacre but we, who had to suffer that horror every day on newspaper will never forgive that ghoul! ever!

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