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Day 4: Rangoli, the color of life



Today is Day fOUR of the Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS) and my photo of the day is Rangoli: Colors of life. The picture was taken three years ago when I visited my Alma Mater, Fergusson College in Pune where the junior were celebrating their college festival. I immediately took a shot of the beautiful, Rangoli. The challenge works like that: You post a picture for five consecutive days and attach a post to it, fiction, poem or short write up. It can be anything that suits your taste. On Day Four, I am tagging my super creative friend, book author and artist Sharmistha Basu. As part of the challenge, I will tag a new person during the challenge.



Divine colors of life,

passionate made with love and care

to delight hearts.

Rangoli celebrating happiness and contentment,

to bring small joy in the simplicity of life.

A rich traditional legacy kept alive across generations,

an inheritance of vibrant art and aesthetic,

expressing various colors and symbols.

The beauty created by nature and brought to the fore by

men and women, symbolizing peace, joy and love,

serving as treat to senses.

The five elements earth, water, air, sky and fire

brings together and bind human emotions

to carve the chain of humanity.

With Love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

28 thoughts on “Day 4: Rangoli, the color of life

      1. Alpana is done with lot of things, mostly pasted rice, the rice is left in water, uncooked rice ofcourse, then pasted and liquefied, it becomes white when it dries up, then different colours are added in different bowls as per the artists’ desire, then s/he uses paintbrush/cotton/finger to paint pictures, mostly flowers.

        I have seen some people using enamel paints (when they are really expert), that stays for years, and believe me, looks pretty good!

        In every Bengali locality there are some alpana experts- my family had half a dozen, because during every Bengali puja alpana is must, near the altar, at the entrances etc.

        I remember the boys in our college did alpana to the floor of an entire hall! I wish I had camera!

        In our home it was the job of one of my aunties, I will share her photo later, which I fortunately have, she used to do it, in the altar (Pujamandap) and the laxmi’s chamber (where things of puja, bhog etc were stored and prepared), then her eyes gave away and my sister in laws picked up, but she was the undisputed queen while she ruled!

        you will get lot of pix in google, because it is such a passion of Bengalis that there are competitions held during every durgapuja in public venues.

      2. the competition? all you will have to do is do some search in google before durgapuja and locate the venue and be there (If you are thinking about seeing specimens from me, unfortunately I am not that good with painting, I may paint it if I get the equipments but that wont be cool)..

  1. Well done, Vishal. I like the structure of your poem and your content about the elements of Life and the colours and how it all works together to form something wonderful… your poem! 🙂

  2. if you want to join the wordpress workshop check out this link- I will only write the things in my blog 😉 wont join them, will have to sign in using my password, too paranoid for that!

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