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Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS): A glass of tea

Today is Day Two of the Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS). The challenge works like that: You post a picture for five consecutive days and attach a post to it, fiction, poem or short write up. It can be anything that suits your taste. For Day Two, I am tagging Sweetshinde  on Day One, and as part of the challenge, I will tag a new person.


Memories of a glass of tea captured,

as the tongue roll and swirling, downing every drop down the throat.

It’s the flavor at the place we’d call home and abode of love.

For many it’s just a restaurant,

For us, it was a place where friendship were carved over a freshly brewed cup of tea.

The annas were a part of our family,

knowing how we love our cuppa tea,




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

28 thoughts on “Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS): A glass of tea

      1. you should know a funny secret- I almost never drink tea out of home, I cant drink hot tea, I have to let it cool down substantially, I cant make others wait that long so I never drank tea in the jhuggis near our college, we ate ghooghnie (chholey) 🙂

      2. I don’t eat icecream because I cant get em, honestly I loved only Kwality icecream because they knew how to make icecreams, in Kolkata only local made icecreams are sold in street, and doctors always warn against them so…

        cold drink… I cant imagine giving up on them! 🙂

      3. I love Naturals by Juhu ice cream and Baskin Robbins, mint choco is my thing. Stuffs sold on streets are the best. I remember when I was staying at Churchgate in Mumbai I would walk to BR near the traffic signal for a single scoop. There is also a Parsi ice cream parlor, K Rustom where you get amazing ice cream with wafer. The walnut crunch is amazing:)

      4. I mostly ate kwality in all styles, my fav is cornetto (I don’t know if it is from quality or not) it is duhlicious!!!!

        I too ate street icecreams before shifting to Kolkata, I really think Kolkata is queen of toxic fakes, because I stopped eating them only after I felt bad after eating (which truly is quite an accomplishment for those manufacturers because I was the queen devourer of street foods, in all style and taste).

      5. not only icecream I was the destroyer of all types of street food, I stopped eating them in Kolkata, there is something wrong with Kolkata streetfoods, I am not talking about the famous spots, I am talking about the ones one buys stepping out in the verandah 🙂

        I have eaten a lot of junkfood in proper spots like esplanade, they use good quality ingredients, but in smaller towns even the ferrywalas outside schools kept good quality things!

  1. me too a tea and a coffee addict! True that! All the healthy discussions happen over a cup of tea and the most healthy ones happen over a cup of Alcohol?

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