Heart swinging to falling in love for the first time

Things suddenly seems so beautiful and perfect,

jumping and singing loudly to self,

the sky seems so radiant and full of life.

Seeing stars shining and flowing down to our existence.

It’s love,

the most beautiful feeling in the world.

An extraordinary emotion, swing in the air to experience everything flawless.

Wiping off negativity where the word impossible is deleted from the dictionary of life.

Taste of lips is nectar to existence,

painting an expression of awesomeness,

moments of ecstasy,

falling in love for the first time.

A rebellious streak of fighting against the world,

coz there is no power bigger than love.

Fragrance of dahlia and roses churns a new song every day,

speaking thousand words that can’t be expressed.

Mushy songs listened thousand times,

weaving love letters and penning thoughts in the diary

and drinking to heavenly love.

It’s the spring of youth and blossoming of the flowers of romance.

Exquisite and magical flowers,

seeking a place in the heart of the perfect beauty,

whose face and striking image flashes in one’s thoughts and dreams.

You know it’s love when the heart start prancing around,

laughing to self,

and drowned when her image haunts the self.

Something unique pierced the heart,

an outburst to live every moment,

awakening compassionate feeling where there can be no wrong in the world.

It’s was the first love,

the first poem penned, drunk in love.

With Love


PS: No! Folks! I am not in love but making a detour to describe the feeling of the has been ‘majnu’ of falling for her the first time. Enjoy the feeling of love



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