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Heart swinging to falling in love for the first time

Things suddenly seems so beautiful and perfect,

jumping and singing loudly to self,

the sky seems so radiant and full of life.

Seeing stars shining and flowing down to our existence.

It’s love,

the most beautiful feeling in the world.

An extraordinary emotion, swing in the air to experience everything flawless.

Wiping off negativity where the word impossible is deleted from the dictionary of life.

Taste of lips is nectar to existence,

painting an expression of awesomeness,

moments of ecstasy,

falling in love for the first time.

A rebellious streak of fighting against the world,

coz there is no power bigger than love.

Fragrance of dahlia and roses churns a new song every day,

speaking thousand words that can’t be expressed.

Mushy songs listened thousand times,

weaving love letters and penning thoughts in the diary

and drinking to heavenly love.

It’s the spring of youth and blossoming of the flowers of romance.

Exquisite and magical flowers,

seeking a place in the heart of the perfect beauty,

whose face and striking image flashes in one’s thoughts and dreams.

You know it’s love when the heart start prancing around,

laughing to self,

and drowned when her image haunts the self.

Something unique pierced the heart,

an outburst to live every moment,

awakening compassionate feeling where there can be no wrong in the world.

It’s was the first love,

the first poem penned, drunk in love.

With Love


PS: No! Folks! I am not in love but making a detour to describe the feeling of the has been ‘majnu’ of falling for her the first time. Enjoy the feeling of love




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

34 thoughts on “Heart swinging to falling in love for the first time

      1. well being a leo my first crush must have been when I was about four or five years, I remember that guy quite clearly one of my father’s colleague, a tall doctor 😉

        my first love was during my first job I believe (that was one twisted psycho-three timing in the same office) 🙂 after that I picked up two more disasters and said goodbye to it, you have heard a song “Three times a loser will never learn?” I got the message and am really far more happier now!

      2. It’s sad when people behave in this manner and guess, disappointments will always happen. That’s why I expect very little nowadays:) I am happy, that way!!!

      3. gist is I am always in love and never in love. 🙂

        these days I pick up tv stars and have imaginary fling with them, that is safer and more pleasant, there are too many choices to pick from and they are all equally charming.

      4. too bad, I don’t like any of your crushes, mine are mostly tv actors, latest is simon baker, the hero of mentalist he too is 69 born, not only 69 july! alas, he is married with three kids 😉

      5. I was never much fond of hindi or Bengali movie heroes- they always made women feel inferior, I rather prefer holly heroes who make their heroines feel like queens 🙂

      6. I am not talking about real life though, I am talking about the way represent women, in India heroes abuse perfect (more than perfect) women like Meena Kumari, make her say twenty time in the movie she is nothing in comparison to her drunkard, worthless husband just because he is gracious enough to marry her, whereas in Hollywood movies heroes treat imperfect women (like me) lousy homemaker, sometimes lousy human beings as queens- there lies the difference. As a woman I certainly prefer them!

        There is a quote in “My fair lady” that I loved most, most probably Henry Higgin’s friend or Henry Higgin said it to Audrey Hepburn, “There are men who will make a queen feel like a flowergirl and there are men who will make a flowergirl like a queen!” Now, as I am not a flowergirl I certainly will prefer Higgin’s friend who makes a flowergirl feel like a queen!

        It is not only silver screen, in my generation men thought they are the big cheese (I too think that I am the big cheese so I never fitted well them) I know a lot has changed in your generation but not enough yet! Hope Indian women will be able to teach men to respect them.

        When I think about the men of my generation (forget about previous)… my blood starts to simmer. 😉

      7. the tragic part is people (including women) expect/demand perfection from women, even now in real or reel life. Boy they sure know how to make women like me feel bad 😉 [well they don’t, because I don’t give a hoot to their opinion, I on purpose tell them I am lazy, crazy and other scary things…]

        They expect every woman to be absolutely obsessed with cooking, stitching and interior decorating. Forget about the dharmas of women patiseva and putra paida karna! oh boy! when will Indian society grow up?

      8. I have been a quite good student of that school, I never served men hand and feet like some of my hi fi female family members did but I really took in quite a handful of nakels willingly- like not mixing with opposite gender, or covering up myself as much as possible when in public view, trying to keep my image as clean as possible then I realized that they are b**** society will think just what it wants to so just give it what it deserves a good solid kick in its teeth and live just the way you want to- ONLY YOU (in my case I have included God/conscience). 🙂

        I am far more happier than ever now.

      9. I’ve been between bad and good who eventually found favor with teachers who saw me as genuine and being myself. I’ve never pandered but respected my teachers. It gave me happiness to see that I’ve been able to make a place in the hearts of teachers. I hated primary and secondary school teachers, except for few of them. But, love my college teachers:)

      10. oh I was not talking about “School” I was talking about “School of making good hindu nari” you know na, the serial kee adarsh ladkiyon jaisi- seedhi sadi, shant, sevaparayan etc etc wo wala school jee.

      11. these lessons are forced down the gullets of women to exploit them for the rest of their lives, the thing that surprises me is how do women allow these things! they not only do it to themselves but to other women too!

        this is why their western counterparts have reached so much higher than them- because they actually fought for their freedom, whereas indian women has been granted freedom by men.

      12. While I agree in a way but in the current state, there are so much exploitation in the west as well where rapes in UK for example has risen by much higher proportion than in India.

      13. in the end their women live a far better life than ours, can you imagine an indian woman having the liberty their women have? you will have to be a single woman living away from family for years in india to know how much better off they are!!!!

        take the words of a veteran! every dog thinks that he can make a pass and when refused label anything he wants and the entire pack joins in!

        to live a single life you will have to dish out your body to at-least few, who in turn will protect you, you will get the label of-course but there will be guard dogs, or else go the social way, marry someone and cling to him no matter who he/she is.

        just imagine if women like me, who are not interested in any kind of physical relationships lived as freely as women of usa, uk or Australia did- I mean actually living, partying, having fun, mixing with men/women what would have happened to her?

        wake up kiddo! india is no place for independent women!! it doesnot respects women as women, it worships them as goddesses (which we normal women cant be, ever)!

      14. I agree to ur perspective and it’s worrying how things are, owing to patriarchy. But, trust me the west are no better. There has been cases, supported with evidence. The whole West vs India is debatable though you have a point related to laws and attitudes.

      15. west has its own set of problems but it still is a better place for women, especially independent women who like me know that their body is theirs, so is everything else that God has given us and practice that right in real sense.

        Indians will never respect women, they will only worship goddesses 😦

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