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Fergusson College as I see it!

Fergusson College as I see it! Unbelievable! Right! It was the first assignment our Sociology teacher asked us to do after one or two lecturers. Obviously, many of us fumed. Some were saying what rubbish it is. For others, it’s not English class and be damned. Seriously, what freshers like us gonna write during our first year. Oh! I always wanted to study here and be a Fergussonian.

Copyrights@Fergusson college: A view of the main building and the circle.

Reminds me of one coat that where the epic line was printed, Fergussonians! Down to earth but above the rest! Yes! It was a statement some of us made where we carry our alma mater on our sleeve. Proud to study in the best college in Pune. Writing an essay on the college we were yet to explore was scary. When our lecturer uttered the words, my first thought was the main building, main circle known as Katta, Kimaya where all volunteers meet for our college fest, debates and theater stuffs are done. Oh! The colonial building is something one could write something about. All we could think was bunk this stupid Sociology class to chill out at Savera, Barista or Cafe Coffee Day. Have a cutting chai at the tapdi was way better than sitting in boring class. Being chided by friends, Arre lecture kaun attend Karta hai yaar (Oye! Who attends lecture?) I would innocently say, I do!

After graduating and spending three most memorable years, an extended holiday of chilling, bunking classes and being ordered out of the class-for laughing along with a girl and scribbling some stuffs on the back of our notebook-it took me years to move on, cutting off from college life. As I remember, this Sociology topic is starting to make sense to me.

Right now, I am already feeling like a fresher and FY-er what does FC means to me? It means everything, a part of my life and a very vital organ-if you remove it-gonna breath my last right now. Ok! Ok! I’ve been shedding bucket load of tears for missing Fergie and don’t get me started all over again. I know it’s the best college in Pune and top 10 in India, why shouldn’t I feel proud and blow my trumpet a bit?! Still figuring it out and I am pretty sure that after the post will almost end, I’ll be clueless about writing on ‘Fergusson College as I see it! I feel like sitting during an exam, wondering what to write. Come on! Vishal! Write something! I’ve been guilty of telling this to myself in the exam hall or staring at fellas, heads decked in the exam sheet, nobody came to rescue, except a very pretty girl from Delhi, who must be a selfless soul of touching my shoulder from behind….ok! I am not spilling the beans or else I’ll be labelled as a cheater. Now, I am digressing!

Sitting at the main circle during exam times in a row where the whole crowd become one, obviously united by the turmoil we go through was like a chain for Fergussonians. A chain of hope and prayer.! Walking to and fro, restless with heads buried in the notebook and closing the eyes to remember the key concepts, minutes away from exams and choking to death is a sight that Fergussonians are alien to yet we do it with the hope of making for the lost time, whining away stuffs for a year. Our cultural meet at the Katta, sitting on the floor in yoga pose, painting the college with posters for our events is something we religiously do. Our fest rocking in the amphi theater. The perks of staying away from classes.

Ok! I think I gonna flunk this assignment on my college. Our awesome library, BJ Wadia is always empty for we are no geek but our campus is filled with cackle of laughter, fooling around, flirting, doing idiotic stuffs. The only lectures I remember attending were philosophy because Sir’s words are soul curry, the animated debates about almost everything where we are expected to make our voices heard. I attended one of my Economics lectures for three years, yeah! I remember. Or! The new Economics lecturer ordered me to vacate the class because I am hardly seen and didn’t follow her.

Aha! Fergusson College as I see it is the place to be for Rose Day coz one can never know when to get lucky, striking a conversation or a coffee date, dressed in suit while the ladies in saree rocks. Perhaps, this is one of the days where almost everyone attend college to be photographed with the girls. Roses must be dancing in my hands on that day. Our traditional day, dressed in Kurta Pyjama to get pictures clicked and college fests, Wallstreet and Oorja. Those were the days with maximum attendance.

Ok! I wanna be serious now. Fergusson College is home to my initial morning lectures at 7 a.m to make for 75 per cent attendance to qualify for our major next year. Luckily! I got through. Don’t ask how the strict teacher agreed to give her signature. Yeah! In SY, Ma’am found me to be a good student and helped me with exams. I had a good understanding with her. It’s another story that she scolded me for being late to file for TY admission, like a Mom would do to her son. There is one thing about our lecturers, many of them were Fergussonians, no matter how much they chided us, they cared a lot for us. Once, Ma’am narrated an anecdote when someone didn’t wrote anything in the paper, telling ‘Please let me pass Ma’am I am a Fergussonian and love my college. Ma’am told us in class, ‘I am also a proud Fergussonian but please study for your exams and write your paper. Only then, I’ll let you pass.’

Three blissful years spent in my alma mater, Fergusson college which defined life. The carefree days of togetherness, friendship, crushes, falling in love and doing childish stuffs cum pranks which we love doing. If I had to re-start my college life all over again, there is only one place I would love to be, Fergie and nowhere else. Guess, that would have been my assignment, Fergusson College as I see it. I am sure that I would have flunked the assignment.

PS: Planning for a Fergusson College chronicle, but not anytime soon.

Proud to be a Fergussion, it reverberates in my soul.





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12 thoughts on “Fergusson College as I see it!

  1. Your love for your Alma Mater is so evident.
    Fc is very famous. Nice that you have so many memories associated.
    Do write the Chronicle for sure, Vishal 🙂

      1. my teachers in Raj College were great too (excluding economics department), the teachers of political science and history were fantastic. I will always adore some of them. 🙂

      2. I had some amazing lecturers in college who played a huge part in my life. I remember our Philo teacher, Lobo Sir, whom we all respect and I attended his farewell after I passed out. He was so happy and later I called him to thank him for the part played in my life. His words still reverberate in my soul, “Vishal you don’t need to thank me. Always be yourself, I’ll be very happy.”

  2. I will always love and adore one professor, alok chakraborty, our history professor- he was a gem of a teacher and certainly has a huge contribution in my result, can you believe it, that guy used to come to every class, gave excellent notes and his suggestion left us in multiple choice mode, which ten questions will we write!!!!

    There was another history professor chinmoy sir, he too came to every class, gave notes, his suggestions did not work out but he was truly dedicated to his job.

    I have forgotten the third history professor or I have shoved him in political science group 😉 they were not very bad. The economics professors were disgusting! barring only one, he was a joker. 🙂

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