Memories, mundane conversation from another era

A conversation that took place seven to eight years back. We would sit idle at our college hang out, Savera in Pune, right opposite Fergusson college, drinking countless cups of tea and speaking about almost anything, munching Masala Dosa. We were loafers, skipping lectures, indulging in cigarette break, skipping lectures blurting non-sensical stuffs about life and the latest happening.

Buddy: So, what do you want to do after college?

ME: Apne ko toh Anil Ambani banna hai (I wanna be Anil Ambani). I wanna mint money, mate.

Buddy: Dude! You should go for MBA.

ME: Pata nahin. Let’ see. I don’t wanna go through the hellish CAT exams.

In 2006, MBA was the big thing in India. I was already eyeing MET in Bandra and went there for an event. I was bowled by its cool quotient. Quite a glamorous college with super cool chicks, dudes wearing suits, getting free laptop after paying 2 lakh fees. It looked like a very in college to study. It’s another thing that it was a passing fad for me and now I realize how overrated this whole MBA thing was. The whole world was crazy thinking that post MBA, a cool pay check of 4 lakhs annually will reach the pocket.

Buddy number two joins us.

Buddy No. 2: Kya re! (What’s up)

Me: Nahin yaar, tp ho raha hai (Nothing much, just doing time pass)

Buddy No, 2: What about movie-making? Howz about discussing the idea for a short film?

Both me and buddy no.2 are filmi keeda. We nurtured our Mumbai dreams of making it big, someday. We assisted some pals doing their diploma project at FTII as AD and always wanted to make a shortie.

ME: Haan kar sakte hai abhi. Aare Anna ek chai aur do khali glass (Anna is elder brother and Savera is a Mangalorean restaurant run by a Bunt)

Buddy No. 2: Chalo! Let’s do a scene. Imagine you are standing on the street and this beautiful girl walks past the college gate. You wanna take her out for tea.. Enact the scene how you would approach her.

ME: Voice modulation. Imagining camera shot..Hi, I am Vishal. Kya aap mere saath Namaskar mein baithenge Coffee ke liye (Will you join me for coffee?

Cut! Buddy No. 2 stops me.

Buddy No. 2: Dude, you are not supposed to take her in a decent resto for coffee. You are a common man and have just 20 bucks in your pocket. A bit like Amol Palekar. You should ask for to come with you at the tapdi (tea stall)

After trying, I gave up.

Finally, I say.

ME: Ab bohot hogaya..isse acha mein underworld join karoon, gandu. Bhai log mein zyaada respect hai, se zyaada! (Now, I give up. Better join underworld, asshole. Dons have more respect than film people)

Buddy No.2 is aghast: Kya? Are you serious?

ME: Sachi mein. Ask for hafta (protection money). Instill fear in people and do smuggling. People call you Bhai.

Buddy No.2: Bas kar chutiya (Shut up you idiot).

From the memory diary

With Love



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