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Women Day: Soul of a Fearless Woman

The International Women Day was celebrated on March 8. Time to re-visit an old poem I wrote way back in 2012 as Facebook note. It was written with angst and feeling of powerlessness as a tribute to Nirbhaya. There are countless Nirbhayas in far flung corners of the world and the anger is still here as we celebrate women in all its forms and performing different roles in life. The fury has not subsided and feel it’s time for us to reflect on the society laden with ugly prejudices and shameful mentality. It was written in a moment of despair and still makes me ponder on the change that we really hope for.

Soul of a Fearless Woman

I am a woman.

Some call me Nirbhaya, the fearless,

To some I am Amaanat and for others, Damini.

Today, I no longer exist in the human form yet I am forever present in all of you.

You all know my story.

You prayed for me, cried for me.

If only my soul could share anguish and what I have gone through the past thirteen days.

Yet, I choose to forsake the human body and left the ruthless world for a better one.

I am a woman who fall prey to the demons, if the word would be an understatement describing my tormentors.

I am a women who was tormented for being one.

They wanted to dominate and oppress me for my identity.

Was it my fault?

One night, they mutilated and humiliated my body.

They raped not my body but my soul.

I was armed with strength so that my attackers don’t enjoy an easy, scot-free ride.

I resided in the minds of the people of India.

They took to the streets, men and women who demanded that women are treated fairly and given equal status to men.

They call me ‘brave woman’

They demonstrated on the injustice meted out to me.

As my soul was ripped apart and I was fighting between life-and-death,

‘Nirbhayas’ were raped across the country.

Nobody heard our cries of despair when we shouted on the streets.

Have we become so selfish as human beings?

Will my sacrifice go in vain?

I sacrificed my life so that women can walk freely on the streets at midnight.

Can we achieve this independence?

The youth took to the streets.

My soul resided in them and they said NO to injustice and feeling of helplessness.

Till I don’t get justice, my soul shall torment you.

This has to change for a better world and a better society.

My soul shall stay forever among you.

It’s my cry for justice.

I demand that my oppressors pay each and every minute for the crime committed on my body.

One year earlier, I was like a normal girl, laughing over mundane matters.

See what they have done to me.

Yet! They worship my form in temples across the world.

I was a daughter, a sister.

I am the daughter of India.

My soul is looking for justice and punishment for my perpetrators.

I demand that they are tortured and reminded of the crime and massacre committed on my body.


Till I don’t get justice, my soul shall not leave this world and will not be peaceful.

The people made me one of them despite we are oblivious of each other’s existence.

They made me a member of their family by sacrificing their lives.

They took on the police and politicians.

The fight for justice shall continue so that someone does not suffer the same fate.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “Women Day: Soul of a Fearless Woman

  1. From what that rapist said in prison interview it is pretty obvious that he is a direct result of the rape culture that our nation is shamelessly promoting…

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