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Mumbai Musing: Lifetime memory at Marine Drive

Hey folks!

This post is my ode to amchi Mumbai, the city of dreams and aspirations, which was my home for two blissful years. It’s an addiction and obsession for many who get drawn to this enigma. Sometimes back, I stumbled back on the blog of Nuttie Natters that got me thinking and sent into nostalgic mode. She inspired me to script this post, my Marine Drive ramble where I spent countless nights.


Marine Drive, the heart of Mumbai, where I spent two memorable years of my life, sitting on the parapet reflecting on life. Silent and troubled waters, buoyed the spirits and provided the fodder of thoughts flowing like vast ocean in maximum city. It were the halcyon days where larger than life dreams were made, built by aspirations and standing tall, above the sea at Marine Drive.

At night, the Queen’s necklace stood witness to the dreams and hope nurtured, sipping a hot cuppa steaming tea in the plastic cup. Climbing dangerously on the boulders, I stood still, flinged my arms open to embrace the city. I nursed break up, reasoning with myself, spending reckless evening, taking long stroll to and fro to Nariman Point cum Marine Drive. If I could make it my home, sleeping on the pavement, I would have non-chalantly done so. It was the song of life and an ode to human happiness.

Sitting on the boulder one evening with M and K and facing ITC hotel, we nurtured dreams of one day, sitting in the five-star to treat ourselves to dinner and expensive wine. It was the season of hope and nurturing dreams of making it big in maximum city. “One day, we shall make it,” M quips. I nodded in agreement to what she said. It made us feel good, like countless souls foraying into maximum city.

A whole chapter of life is celebrated at Marine Drive that makes Mumbai an altogether thrilling experience of love, longing and fantasizing about the city. A tale of human survival and life made on a pedestal, twinkle in the eyes ever-ready to conquer the world. The city wears no mask of pretense like the fake Gucci on display, miles away at the Colaba causeway. A slice of crazy, stupid love expressed at the Arabian sea, bordering the sky-rise worth crores and high-end brands cum luxury cars zooming ahead.

A crowd that merges into one unique identity, plodding lazily, couples holding hands and breaking up as the silent waters grow turbulent, the elderly enjoying a silent evening of togetherness. Our Mirth soaring in the sky coz we don’t wanna the moment to slip away as if it’s the dying moments in our lives. Rich and poor, defeated, bruised and ever optimists running high on hope converge to one place, Marine Drive. A place that remain entrenched in our lives and no matter where we fly or cross the sea, it’s a slice of life that will remain with us forever coz it makes precious memories. Plain strangers, oblivious to each other’s existence, strolling Marine Drive yet we are united by the heart and love for the place that exudes passion and excitement lingering in our souls.





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20 thoughts on “Mumbai Musing: Lifetime memory at Marine Drive

  1. I have seen it movies and heard about it from friends. You just made me yearn to go visit the place at least once. I too want to understand what the lure of this enchanted place is all about.

  2. My first time to Mumbai was in school with family and the second time was with friends during college..I felt the same vibe i felt when i was there while reading your blog..and loved the way you phrase your lines..good one 🙂

  3. I was a Mumbaikar for 6 months of my life and I must say that the city has something or the other to give to people..I am a Bangalorean at heart but Mumbai has a significant impact on who I’m today!
    Great post VB!

  4. I haven’t visited Mumbai yet… will have to soon! 🙂
    Your post brought vivid images in my mind and I cant wait to see it all! 🙂

  5. Mumbai is a very special city for me, very close to my heart.. and posts like these connect me instantly with the feelings… Mumbai Meri Jaan, quite literally!

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