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Book Review: KALEIDOSCOPE is riveting and mesmerizing poems’ bouquet

Review: KALEIDOSCOPE-The Changing Colors of Love

Author: Rachna Gupta

Rating: Four stars


Rating: Four stars

Pages: 64

Price: INR 195/$ 10

A collection of soul-stiring love poems weaved by Rachna Gupta who delves deeply into the heart and attempts to demystify love. Disturbing at times, KALEIDOSCOPE-The Changing Colors of Love is the tale of love and longing for the beloved, heart wrenching feeling of separation, human desires dealt with passion, intensity and depth, provoked by the heart. KALEIDOSCOPE-The Changing Colors of Love, divided in three parts, Love finds a way, Separated by Miles and Beginning of Love. It is touching, lyrical at times and moves hearts deeply through the words weaved to express the darkness of the human soul to capture the essence of life. Rachna Gupta’s book of poetry is enchanting, mesmerizes the heart and deals with this art form in an eccentric manner. It’s an anthology that you would find it hard to keep it down since your inner senses will be captivated. Brilliance would be an understatement.


Rachna Gupta writes: “Every beating heart will confess that once, at least once in their lifetime they were in love.” The collection of poems in this book talks about an emotion so strong that it has the potential to create and destroy! Love in all its capacity has that aura around it; it needs to be felt and when it resides in your soul you find it giving rise to feelings never experienced before. There is passion and tenderness when being together, estrangement and pain when two souls are apart and then there is joy and relief when bound together again. The 37 poems in this book talk about this amazing feeling called love!


The author is not making a strong statement against the ways of the world but her observation is about love, disappointment and the unflinching belief when one navigates against sorrow in life. She writes in a subtle manner, the choked emotions of an idealist character often exploring what is often subjective when it comes to matters of the heart. One is tempted to ask whether love is misconstrued as ideal but no clear cut answer is found. One can only seek the beauty and warmth of the human touch and sensitive nature of holding each other.

Author Rachna Gupta/Image credit: Rachna

“In You, I find Strength,
To believe, to fly,
To soar like a bird across the sky!
Every time I look into your eyes,
I loose myself,
And then I find,
A new me,
Loved, protected and cared for…!”
The first part, ‘Love Finds a Way’ is the belief in love that nothing on earth is potent to destroy its sheer power. Rachna Gupta pours expression of love, fueled by aesthetic prose to define poetry as an art. The second part of the book, ‘Separated by Miles’ is the suffering faced by every lover, longing for the human caress , often tragic as the character tries to justify everything by professing selfless and free love.

“Her Hear ached,
Her eyes filled with tears,
Her hands trembled,
Her body shook,
She sat down and placed her head on her hands….
She will not be spared,
The pain,
It is hers, it is his,
It is theirs!”

One would ask, how many lovers fear loneliness and the pain they suffer at being separated.  Rachna Gupta perfectly captures the underlying emotions of the human heart and soul in her imagination. She builds a solid chemistry with her readers who will empathize with lonely hearts, facing the cruel reality and emotional outburst.
The third and final part of the anthology, ’Beginning of Love’ deals with the home coming and lovers re-united by the hands of destiny. The furtive look for the lover, in quest of a new beginning which seemed like a distant dream and , ultimately, hope turns into reality. It’s the culmination of love and the expression of hearts to make a fresh start.
“..It was the end,
Towards the new beginning of a life…
Without the clouds,
That had darkened the immediate past,
And a promise for an even greater future”

Final Words:

An attempt to find faults in, KALEIDOSCOPE-The Changing Colors of Love’ seemed to be a futile exercise.  The only thing I dare speak against Rachna is that the anthology of poems should have been longer as the average reader is left hungry, asking for more. Rachna Gupta’s book is a beautiful set of prose, offering depth and magnitude that one can’t afford missing. It’s not a book of poems but a collection that will not only touch but melt your heart.





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