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Welcome to my Roast Roast Na Raha

Roast Roast Na Raha! The AIB Knock-out scared the shit out of people and made them see black. After all, Black is just a color and dim-wits raised their hands to protest against Un-sanskari show. Guess, Alok Nath must be reveling in his own glory to be the brand ambassador of his own shadow. I am offended at the offended for the AIB offence. Grim days ahead for stand-up comedy would be an understatement and we missed a cue to laugh at ourselves. We missed the fun a la Alia Bhatt jokes. I am already bordering on mental insanity as I sunk low in my own mediocrity. Time to hit at myself is my own dumb way to protest at the pulling down of the show. Scratching my nose here for some fun. Here, we go and come to roast me:

-Vishal took admission at Fergusson College because he thought that it’s the house of Man Utd former Manager, Sir Alex Fergusson who’d throw hot cuppa tea on his already broken face.

-Vishal is so dumb that he almost failed his Maths exams and repeated junior school elementary classes. He could have been a grass cutter,beggar singing, ‘Aflatoon..Afla Afla toon’ at traffic signals. And, he thought it’s cool to sell his soul for chillar (dime).

-Your man is so dumb that he thinks Tanmay Bhat of AIB is jumbo-sized Vada Pav or burger put on display to munch.

-Vishal thinks that the piece of shit he writes are best selling poems that people love reading. He gets high when people google his name, thinking he is the only one in the world but he is so dumb not realizing that people stumble on his blog by mistake. Oblivious to the fact that they curse him on how they wasted their time by zeroing on the wrong person. They must be searching for Vishal Dadlani.

-Vishal thinks that Google is a pair of black sunglasses that protect eyes for staring on lap tops.

-He thinks FIR is a censored joke that Aditi Mittal makes during stand-up comedy performances.

-In his mind, he thinks ‘Ganja’ is a drink endorsed by a celebrity called Shiva on TV.

-He prances around when people calls him the ugliest thing on the street and run to the theater asking, ek ticket katao, I want to watch the 100 crores super hit, ‘Mein Ugly Dikhta Hoon ( I am ugly).

-When someone walks past and ignore him, yours truly checks his face in the mirror, wondering whether he turned into coal.

-Vishal suffers from color blues, is hearing impaired that he lovingly calls his friend Kikoo whose nick is Kitto. He should get the nobel prize for being so illiterate and dumb.

-Yours truly is so wacky and nuts that he mistakes Vaseline for syrup treating stomach upset. Once he tried it by mistake but love the taste and how he wished it was milk chocolate.

-Self claimed confession of the biggest ‘Phatu’ on earth: When leaves shake on trees, he gets goose bump and the heart beats faster thinking he is trembling.

-He never takes a bath and walks miles to take a dip in the sea water, thinking that his famous visarjan cleanse the body of all parasites.

-Go green is a new plant waiting to be explored and discovered in his dictionary to save water, earth and trees.

-When Virat Kohli scored a century to seal India’s win against Pakistan, he thought marriage was proposed to Anushka Sharma by the cricketer.

-You wanna know why he blabbers a lot on the blogs he wrote and created? As simple as that!! He thinks it’s a kinda mental masturbation and no one listens to what he says after sex, exclaiming how great it was with her. She thinks it’s all fake and the blog is his only savior, at least he thinks so.

-He thinks Valentine is the name of a saint, sprinkling wealth on people, splurging on cards, chocolates and roses that he has started to worship the nameless one every February 14.

-Writing stupid romance stories that only exist in his imagination makes him think they are best sellers read by invisible eyes and he is the new Chetan Bhagat in town.

-He thinks being a journalist means saying with hash tag on Twitter  and every time he calls himself one, real journos die of heart attack with the syndrome, ‘Oh! My God! Whose this fella Vishal, by the way?!!!

-Every time, he makes a new girl friend, half of the women in turn thank their luck for saving them the royal pain in the ass of saying No to him and how ugly he looks.

-He thinks Twitter is a love bird, carrying love letters to women who would say yes to his proposal.

-Yours truly think Jesus, Rama and Allah are three brothers, like Amar Akbar Anthony.

-When someone asks him to eat vegetables, he freaks out thinking they will feed him grass.

-By the way, was Alia Bhatt a university topper and Nobel Prize winner?

Haha!!! Ab bohot ho gaya khud ko kheechne mein. Hope you guys are having fun and feel free to pull my legs..khichai:)






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to my Roast Roast Na Raha

  1. “Yours truly is so wacky and nuts that he mistakes Vaseline for syrup treating stomach upset. Once he tried it by mistake but love the taste and how he wished it was milk chocolate.”


    My ‘roast list’ would continue forever…yours ended so soon?! Darn it 😛

    LOVE ya, Bhee’doo’ 😉

  2. It’s sad in one word…. and well I feel pity people who couldn’t laugh.. because well, we laughed falling off our chairs 🙂

  3. The event has divided Bollywood and Twitter alike. Your jokes were very imaginative Vishal but there was more to the show beyond jokes. Try adding cuss words, some dirty pictures and some jokes about your teachers or peers and we are on a slippery slope. There are no easy answers. But let’s just focus on real issues. A joke is a joke is a joke.

    1. Agree Alka with the points made. I do believe that there was a disclaimer because of the content. Honestly speaking, we need to laugh at ourselves and loosen up a bit more cum high time to enjoy. It was made for fun and not to offend I believe.

  4. well if this makes me a hypocrite then I am one .. but the AIB I am sorry to say is the worst thing that could have happened and I am totally against use of such language .. it is ok to laugh at but I am sure we can make people laugh without the use of such rubbish language .. NO sir that is not my idea of comedy

    it was cheap and sleazy and ………… I wonder how these characters talk otherwise do they use the same language at home in front of their parents or kids tooooo

    If thinking that way makes me a hypocrite THEN I AM ..

    but funnily you would find the same people say otherwise if I used the same language in front of them in public..

    Coming back to laughing at your own .. I ma sure you read my posts .. so i dont have to mention anything there 🙂 maybe I am a hypocrite .. ah well not everyone can be GOD 🙂

    1. I disagree with you, Sirjee. There was a disclaimer if one feels offended better don’t watch it. It’s sad and I feel people need to loosen a bit. Honestly, I feel nothing wrong with that and the AIB roast is something I enjoy and support. I feel there is a lot of hypocrisy by authorities.

      1. I agree about disclaimer. . But you will never find a Robert di Nero or a brad Pitt ..or Al pacino great actors doing this.

        These actors are someone whom kids look up to and try to copy.. so what sort of message they are giving..I have no clue..

        Stand up comedy Is an art and using filthy language is not an art..

        I am sure you would not allow such language in your home and I am sure you don’t use such language yourself..
        Regarding authorities I got nothing to say I was talking of my personal view..

        Are you saying if I put a disclaimer and start using such language it’s ok..
        Loosen up is right. .but this was atrocious..

      2. Come on, bro. I would not agree at all with it and both issues of using it at home and stand up differ. People knew what was coming there and disagree that it was atrocious. It was fun and that’s it. We have the right to disagree with each other but the ban is out of question. Come on, actors have a life of their own as well and yeah in US, you have insult comedy. It’s pure fun and I am sure children know more than we do. I mean, I use lots of cuss words in my fiction and the point, is either one likes it or not. Creativity should be filtered in any case.

      3. Ok. I am sorry that I don’t agree maybe i am from old school.

        This is not creativity. .
        Anyway totally with the idea of ban and I would want the actors to be punished for using such language ..

        If this was in UK these people would have been arrested by now. . and proper proceedings initiated.

        Using cuss words am sure if my son or daughter uses this language I would probably ask them to leave my house.

        But as you sat those are your views these are mine..Let’s hope we stick to ours all the time and views don’t change depending on a situation :)..

        This was not stand up.comedy..sorry..

      4. Guess, we will never agree to that. Well, if they were arrested that’s dictatorship and horrifying. Let’s not confusing the debate.Exactly, I am taking a stand and that’s why we are fighting. You taking urs and we’re here. There is nothing wrong and it was fun. Period:)

      5. now you are going on a different topic, about dictatorship.. it is not they would have been arrested here 100%.

        I guess its india so SAB CHALTA HAI.. never mind…

        otherwise how can using filthy language be right.. no matter what the reason comedy-anger-high on drugs ANYTHING.. using the language they used being a celebrity and in public eye all the time .. How can it be right.. Anyway I guess I will be writing a post of my own about the ROAST 🙂

      6. It is not a question of India against the world. It’s a matter of free speech and I maintain there is nothing wrong. At least. I respect those guys for being who they are.

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